‘Tribute’ to movie star from one perspective

Dear editor,

I would like to give a big thanks to all the soldiers overseas and at home this Veterans Day.

I hope all our troops in foreign lands are safe and can come home soon.

To the Vietnam War vets, I would like to honor a person we all know. He was just a movie actor but I cannot imagine the war without him.

When it came to our turn in the tall grass, John Wayne was who we were supposed to be! We’d all been raised in his shadow.

We were to say a few words and say them with a growl, keep a hard jaw and a tight rear end, not cry, stifle feelings, take orders, dish out punishment to the bad guys, fire from the hip.

We knew were right just because we were Americans, always win, but die like heroes if our luck runs out.

We were to be patriots, love the flag, honor God and country and follow the chain of command. Anything other than that was a void.

You will not be forgotten, John Wayne. Out in the tall grass where so many poor boys breathed their last, more than a few of them were trying to be like you.

Gregory Dodd

3108 South Texas 36

Milano, TX 76556

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