Support local business and we all win

There is an inspirational message to our community on page 2A in this issue of The Rockdale Reporter. The space was bought and paid for by locals Kit and Linda Worley. It is their gift to all of us.

I had received several emails with this same type of message and I had already been thinking about this topic and how it relates, specifically, to our community right here in Milam County.

So I will use this opportunity to get back on my soapbox.

People, we must support our local businesses.

As for myself, I shop locally for my business whenever possible.

Except for some printing supplies that must be bought out of town, our paper goods are bought locally.

Our groceries, drinks and snacks for the office (which are sometimes entirely too plentiful) are bought locally.

We hire local contractors to do our electrical work, AC/ heating, plumbing, all maintenance work (that Cliff Dungan can’t do- he’s our Jack- of- alltrades around here.)

Our vehicles are purchased here and maintained here. Our insurance and banking business is all done right here.

As for me personally, the same applies. I specifically make an effort to support those businesses that support mine. That’s how I roll.

Milam County has wonderful antique shops, gift shops, boutiques, hair salons and flower shops, to name a few.

I had beautiful family portraits done right here. Plus, the photographer is a friend of mine and she airbrushed me to perfection. It’s one of my favorite photos of myself and my family.

She also took one of the last Cooke family group shots of all of us, outside my parent’s home, before my brother died. That photo is priceless now.

Also because one of the knucklehead- nephews fell out of a tree five minutes before we took the shot and we had to wait for all of us to gain some composure.

There are some awesome restaurants in Milam County, run by some unbelievably good cooks.

Indoor or outdoor dining, with or without “spirits,” we are truly blessed when it comes to most any type of food or drink you could ever be hungry or thirsty for.

Our healthcare has made vast improvements and more physicians, specialists and services have been added.

Now if we could just get a Mammogram done here, we would be set. Hint, hint!

Local car dealerships, who would have thought buying a car would be so painless? I call my car salesman, tell him what I want and he gets it for me.

Then I make a phone call to my banker- girl and I get a loan.

My car salesman asked me once if I’d like to finance the car through their company to take advantage of a special offer and I told him the same thing.

This car will be bought locally, the loan will be taken out locally and the insurance for the car will be bought locally.

All by advertisers in The Rockdale Reporter. These people let us all know what they have to offer at their places of business and I appreciate that.

This is important and I promise to keep bringing this subject up as often as I can.

There is so much our community has to offer, not just to visitors, but to all of us. It’s hard to think of something we don’t have here.

So thank you Linda and Kit Worley, for reminding us about all we have right here. I couldn’t have said it any better.

Plus it rained yesterday. Wasn’t that awesome.

Thank you God.

Shop locally. Support local businesses.

In the long run, we all win. Stop supporting and we all lose.

And remember to smile. It makes people wonder what you’re up to.

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