Step back in time by visiting a historic county court house

AU STIN —Withmoretha n 235 count y courthouses that are at least 50 ye ars old , Texa s has more hi stor ic county cou rthou se s tha n any other state. Many of these beaut iful bu ild ing s are the architec tural jewels of a commun it y and are the pe rfec t stop for heritage tourist s this su mmer.

Th eTex asHistoricalCommission’s

(THC) Texas Historic Co ur th ou se Preservat ion Pro - gramhashelpedbring bac k tolifemorethan 45 ofthes e st ructu res for the bene fit and enjoy men t of commu nit ies and heritage tra ve ler s alike .

From rest or ing be ll to wer s to prese rving original courthou se vau lt s, t he T HC ’s c our t hous e pro gram en sur es these real architect ura l treasu res will cont inue to tell the re al st or ies of our st ate’s past.

The rec ently adj ourne d legislat ure inclu ded $20 million in bond fund ing to continue future grant rounds of the Tex as His- toricCourthou se Preser vat ion Pro gram. Anno unc edinJu ne 199 9,the prog ramprov ides part ial matching grant s to Te xas counties for the re stor at ion of their histo ric cou nt y cou rt- hou ses.

Since its inc ep tion, the pro - gram award ed $22 7 million to count ies and local governments h ave m atc hed th is w it h mo r e than $150 million. Court hou se resto rat ion s have generated more than 8,579 job s throughout Texas and more than $19 mil lion in local taxes.

Recent ly re stor ed cour thou se s inc lud e the San Augustine Cou nty Court house in East Texas and the ex terior restor ation of the Randall Count y Cour thou se in Canyon loc ate d in t he Pan - handle.

Sever al rededic ati on s are slated to take place thi s summer. The y include the Trinity Cou nt y Cou rthou se in Grov eton on July 22 and the Aug . 23 re de dication of the Class icalReviv al191 0 HarrisCo unt yCou rthou se in downtow n Houston.

For more in fo rmat ion on the Te xas Hi stor ic Courthouse Pre se r va tion Pro gram and par tic i- pat ing cou rthou sesvisitwww.thc. state. or cont act the THC ’s Architec tu re Divis ion at 512- 463- 60 94.

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