Christmas fun, rain, books & pie = Winning!

The Chri stma s se ason has gotten off to a great start with all the fun activ it ie s of last we ekend. Crowds were great , even with the threatening weather and it seemed to put everyone in the Christmas spir it. Even our re sident Scrooge (Bill) has been a little helpfu l with dec orati ng and cooking preparation. And the wonder ful rain has put everyone in a good mood, even if it weren’t the holiday season. Oh, and because of the weather, the library used book sa le will be continued (inside) unti l the end of De cember. There are lots of books that would make great gif ts and stocking stuffers and you can’t be at the price! —pc— Michel le Fle tcher hosted bridge at her hou se last month and guess who made the dessert! Her husba nd, Randy, that’s who and we were al l pleasantly sur pri sed to have such a yum my tr eat. I told Bill that Randy had made the dessert and he just looked at me and said, “Wel l, maybe you ca n get Randy to make you a pie.”

Th is is Ra ndy ’s mot her’s recipe which Randy has tweaked a bit and it would fit in great wit h any holid ay menu.

Ma rgaret Fletcher ’s
(1916- 2006) Pumpkin Chif fon Pie Presented by her grateful, loving son Ra ndy Fle tcher List of ingre dients: 1 Tbs. gelat in 1 /4 C cold water 3 egg yolks 2/ 3 c brow n sugar 1/ 2 c hot milk 1 ca n of pumpkin 1/ 2 tsp salt 1/ 2 tsp cinnamon 1/ 2 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp of vani lla 3 egg whites 3 Tb s. sugar One baked pie shell

Start by dissolving the gel atin in the cold water and sett ing it aside.

Plac e the three egg yol ks, brown sugar, milk, pumpkin, sa lt, cinnamon & nutmeg in a micr owave bowl with a lid. Mix the ingredients and put into the microwave for 2 minutes, then take out and mix thoroughly. Cont inually repeat for 60 seconds unti l the mixtur e is fir m and stand s up when mixed.

Add the gelati n, stirring until completely dissolved into the mix ture. Set aside to cool.

Put the 3 egg whites, sugar and van illa into a mi xing bowl and whip until it fluffs. When it is re ady, fold it into the mi xture and pour into the baked pie shell.

Let it cool in the refrigerator for up to two hou rs or until firm.

Ca n be served plain or add a whipped cre am toppi ng.

Ra ndy says, “It is not in my mother’s re cip e, but I add an addition al teaspoon of vani lla to the mixtu re, bec ause I like it that way.”

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