Give your stress a holiday, too

Take steps to ensure stress levels don’t blow up

Juggling a number of tasks is no way to handle stress. Juggling a number of tasks is no way to handle stress. For many people, the holidays are synonymous with stress. Though holidays are supposed to be a happy time spent with family and friends, traveling, long lines at the store and busy schedules often add up to excess stress. But the holidays don’t need to be all stress and no fun. Instead, those who know their holiday schedules w ill be hectic can take several steps to ensure their stress levels don’t make this holiday season one to forget. Take it as it comes Another stressful event associated with the holidays is wrapping gifts. Lots of people have the tendency to let wrapping go to till the last minute. Since most holiday parties are in the days leading up to a holiday, leaving your wrapping till the last minute only leaves you even more crunched for time. But wrapping as you go, wrapping a gift here and a gift there, makes wrapping gifts a far less arduous task, and will leave you more time to enjoy the holiday party scene. Make lists Arguably the biggest time consumer during the holiday shopping season is heading to the mall with no idea what you’re looking for. Save yourself (and your feet) the trouble of too much time strolling aimlessly and getting frustrated in the process by making a list of gift ideas for each person before leaving your house. List a few ideas for each person in case your first option isn’t available. Take a personal day A big part of holiday shopping stress is that most people tend to do their holiday shopping around the same time: in the evenings after work, or on the weekend. A f ter a long day at work, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend time looking for gifts among the legions of other shoppers who also just spent long days at their jobs. If possible, take a weekday off from work and head out early to do some shopping. Lines won’t be nearly as long, you can take all the time you’d like and parking won’t be nearly as difficult to find. Don’t overbook yourself In part because of the stress associated with the holiday season, lots of people love to attend holiday parties to unwind and have fun. But too many par ties can greatly cut into your relaxation time, time you need to avoid holiday season burnout. While it’s great to see family and friends, don’t overbook yourself on the holiday social scene. You’ll likely need rest more than you need another night’s worth of egg nog and holiday cheer. Spend time with the kids While taking the kids on holiday shopping trips typically only adds to the stress, make sure you make time to spend with your kids during the holidays. Kids enjoy the holiday season more than anyone else, and their youthful enthusiasm will likely put a smile on your face and provide a nice change of pace.

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