Planned postal cutbacks may result in better service at Rockdale level

The Waco postal processing facility which handles all of Rockdale’s mail is targeted to close next year but local postal customers will probably benefit from the move, according to Rockdale Postmaster Betty Malish.

“That’s my opinion anyway,” Malish told The Reporter. “If this goes through, our mail service will be routed through Austin instead.”

“Austin’s a little closer than Waco and I believe the service will actually get a bit better,” she said.

Last week the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced it was considering shutting down 252 of the nation’s 461 processing facilities, including both plants in Waco.

E- MAIL—That’s because decreased use of the postal service in the Internet Age has declined so rapidly the USPS is forecasting a $14.1-billion loss in 2012.

According to Sam Bolen, USPS spokesman, first-class mail has declined 25 percent in the past five years.

By 2020, the USPS expects the volume of mail to drop by roughly half compared to 2006.

The austerity measures announced last week are expected to save about $3 billion.

In addition to two Waco facilities, postal plants in Abilene, Austin, Beaumont, Bryan, Dallas, Tyler, Luf kin and McAllen are targeted for closing.

SWITCH—While mail delays in larger towns are anticipated, it’s a different situation in small towns which haven’t processed mail locally for many years.

Even if you mail a Christmas card to your next door neighbor, it currently first goes to Waco, then returns to Rockdale.

That’s why Rockdale mail has a “Waco” postmark.

Assuming last week’s proposals are enacted, Rockdale’s mail will still go out of town but it will travel through Austin instead of Waco.

Currently all mail with a “765...” zip code is routed through Waco. That’s covers every post office in Milam County except for Gause.

DEL AY—But there will be an anticipated one-day delay in much of the mail service, Bolen noted.

“ There has been overnight, two-day and three-day service,” he told The Reporter. “Overnight pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. What’s now two days is probably going to be three days.”

The USPS had prev iou sly announced it was considering closing the rural post offices in Davilla and Burlington, causing concern among residents in those communities.

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