Scammer wants to give you scammed cash

Mrs. Farida Waziri supposedly is acting chairman of Economic & Crime Commission (EFCC) in Nigeria.

It is doubtful there is a Mrs. Farida Waziri.

This e-mail begins: Attn. Dear Beneficiary,” which is generic.

She is “working with the United Nations and the United States government to distribute money, recovered from scammers, to 100 lucky people in the world.”

The records found in con artists computers had your e-mail address, so, you were selected to become a millionaire. You have $4.5 million.

Of course there are some qualifying requirements that must be satisfied. You must contact Dr. Collins Oriaku for your swift card.

The swift card will allow you to get part of your money through ATM machines.

It will take some time to get all your money, because only $5,000 will be issued to you per day. If my math is correct, it would take 900 days to get full payment.

Let’s do some more figuring on this scenario. If 100 people are getting 4.5 million dollars, then the Nigerians recovered $450 million from con artists. Is this believable? Why give the money to people with e-mail addresses on a crooks computer rather than giving the money to people that lost money to the con artists? In the last paragraph a deadline is given. The contract with UPS expires soon, so you are urged to use the UPS tracking service.

This sc am is of fer ing t wo methods for receiving this fortune. First you needed a swift card and now you are told that UPS will deliver the funds. Do you think this is strange?

“Waziri” finally asks for the reader to: send full name, receiving address, your profession, you’re ID/age and your phone and fax numbers.

This is called physhing. They do want you to respond, but not to give money away. Your personal data is very valuable to a con artist. Do not respond to these e-mails.

Mrs. Waziri was holding that office, however, recently she was replaced because of suspected fraud and the misuse of her office to generate personal gain.

The accusers claim that Mrs. Waziri invested in gold jewelry rather than real estate because it was easier to conceal than property.

When legislators needed protection for their illegal actions, Waziri would sell jewelr y to get payment for her protection racket.

Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General, warns Texans to shop wisely.

Watch for and tr y to avoid crowded areas on the final Christmas shopping days, December 23 and 24.

Do not carry large amounts of cash when shopping. Credit card use is encouraged.

Be aware of people around you. Remember the reason for the season.

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