One potato, two potato, three potato, four; When it comes to the holidays we gotta have more... Potato es!

Our favorite vegetable presents endless possibilities wit h a variet y of choices

You say potato, we say endless po ssibilities. With white, yellow, red, purple and even sweet potatoes to choo se from, there are countless ways to cook these terrific tubers!

Here we’ve collec ted ten of our favorite way s to enjoy potatoes with additional recipes and ideas to inspire you.

Remember to store potatoes in a cool, dark pl ace and keep them sepa rate from onions as they’ll both deteriorate more quic kly if stored together. 1. Mashed — At the holiday table or on a crisp fall day, there’s nothing be tter than a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes. Try our newest recipe for Cheesy Mashed

Potatoes with Gruyère and

Parmesan or one of the se twists on the classic: Creamy Mashed Potatoe s and Parsnips or Miso and Garlic Ma shed Potatoes.

2. Baked — Aside from a good ol’ baked potato with your favor ite toppings, baked potato fries are a healthier way to enjoy one of our favor ite treat s. We’ve got both Baked Potato Frie s and Ba ked Sweet Potato Fries.Serve withavariety of fu n dipping sauc es like ch ipotle ketchup, lemon- garlic mayonnaise or wasabi mustard.

3. Roasted — What’s gre at about roa sted potatoes is how golden and crispy they get. Tr y one of these for a flavor ful side dish everyone will love: Crispy Oven- Roasted Potatoes, Roa sted Sweet Potatoes with Macadamia Nuts, or Roasted Pa rsnips and Sweet Potatoes with Honey- Pecan Dr izz le. 4. Stewed — Cubed red potatoes absorb the rich flavor s of this Et hiopian- Style Chickpea Stew. You ca n also add potato es to your favorite chili rec ipe. 5. Shredded — Potato pancakes can be great as a breakfast, side dish or bite- sized hors d’oeuvres like these Mini Potato- Carrot Pa ncakes wit h Festive Sour Cream. You can’t go wrong with our basic re cip es for Simple Pot ato Pancakes or Sweet Potato Pancakes. Exper iment with toppings like apple chut ney or Greek yogu rt.

6. In Soup — Potatoes are often the supporting actor in the best soups providing a creamy and th ick textur e, but they have the star ring role in this Potato and Leek Soup with Br ie Croutons.

7. In a Gratin — Gue sts are alw ay s impr essed with the thin and tender layers of a rich potato grat in. Show them of f in the traditional Gr uyère Pot ato Gratin or give them a modern twist with our Celery Root and Potato Gratin.

8. In a Skillet — Sl iced or cubed, potatoe s are a great addition to egg dishes like frittata s. Our Potato Leek Frittata is a ta ke on the classic flavor combo and this authentic Spa nish

Tort illa with Roa sted Peppers and Spinach dresse s up any brunch.

9. As an Appetizer — Bitesized red potatoes are perfec t for tasty little hors d’oeuvres. Try our Irish Chedda r Potato Bites topped with che ddar, ham and yogurt or top some ti ny potatoes wit h smoked sal mon , crème fraic he and fresh dil l for a sophisticated tw ist. 10. As a Salad — Pot ato salad is not just for sum mer barbe cues. A wa rm German- style potato salad is delicious in our Ale- Braised Br atwur st recipe or ser ve our Dijon Vinaig rette Potato Salad with braise d pork shoulder or a roasted chicken.

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