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Rockdale trash collection entering big change for New Year
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“If you do it right, once is enough.”

That famous quote is attributed to Mae West—and she was talking about life, not egg shells and tuna cans—but the same philosophy applies to the hopes of Rockdale residents as they prepare to enter a new era in garbage collection Monday, two days into the new year.

After many decades of twice-a-week garbage pickup, trash collection becomes oncea week on Monday, along with a switch in contractors.

IESI will replace Waste Management Services. That probably won’t matter much to most Rockdale residents but there are a couple of things which will be noticed by everyone.

Each customer is receiving, with no extra charge, a 95-gallon cart to roll curbside each trash collection day.

And one of their trash collection days is going away.

ONCE WEEKLY—Currently, residential garbage pickup is Monday and Thursday in the eastern half of Rockdale and Tuesday and Friday in the western half.

IESI will continue to pick up residential trash on those four days but in the course of a week they will only come to your house on one of them. Bottom line, wherever you live inside the city limits , you’ll still set out trash on one of the two days you a lw ay s have. But now you’ll skip the other one.

What’s your day? See the complete street list on page 5C.

THR EE BAGS—Your new 95- gallon cart will hold approximately three full trash bags.

In addition to the cart, you may also set out each collection day, up to three, filled 30 to 33-gallon trash bags, each one not to exceed 30 pounds.

If the bag contains grass clippings, it may weigh up to 35 pounds.

You can also set out bundled brush, not to exceed one cubic yard, or more than 30 pounds.

Bulky items and white goods, of up to two cubic yards, or 50 pounds, may also be set out.

White goods include stoves, refrigerators, freezers, water tanks, washing machines.

According to IESI, refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners more than two cubic yards, or any item containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are tagged by a licensed technician to certify gas refrigerant removal, may have special pickups at the resident’s request for an additional charge.

REQUIREMENTS—You can help make pickup smoother and faster in a couple of ways, according to City Manager Kelvin Knauf.

“Pickup is with semi-automatic trucks, so please place the carts within two feet of the curb’s edge with the handle toward the curb,” he said.

“Also, try to place all of your trash into the cart without overfilling to minimize spillage,” he said. “When the trucks pick up and return your container, the lid will automatically be closed.”

Physically disabled persons will get special “house-side service,” he said. “Every resident in the household must be physically disabled to receive this service.”

Knauf said it is the responsibility of residents to contact the city and apply for the house-side service.

“The city will be responsible for verification of eligibility for each resident and will then provide the information to IESI,” Knauf said.

If approved for the service, each houseside resident will receive one of the IESI “Christmas tree” markers which will assist the drivers in identifying and performing the requested service,” he said.

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