Gause teacher s, st udents return from winter bre ak ne xt week

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Gause school teachers have a workday on Monday, Ja n. 2 and student s then return to classes on Tuesday, Jan. 3 and it’s college day, so wear your favorite college shirt. The nex t basketba ll games for the Gause Junior High teams are Jan. 9 at Brazos Christian in Br yan starting at 5: 30 p. m. Later in January the Gause girls basketball team will host a tournament.

Gau se Commu nity Improve - ment Program (CIP) will meet at 6 p. m. Monday, Jan. 2 in the Gause Community Center. We inv ite you to come and be a par t of this community organization next year.

Thanks to all of the people in our town and area that donated to the 4- H sp onsore d gift dr ive for less for tunate children of the community. Many youngsters had a great Ch ristmas because of your generosity.

Gause 4- H Club will beet at 7 p. m. Tuesday, Jan. 3 in the Gause school cafeteria.

Gaus e Ste phens Chapel A ME ch urc h invit es you to a “Come Unto Jesus” revival on Jan. 4- 6 at the church, loc ated at 422 US 79 in Gause. There will be a prayer meeti ng at 7 p. m. on Jan. 4 and Jan. 5- 6 revival ser vices will be held at 7 p. m. On Jan. 7, a praise and wor ship musical will start at 5 p. m. For more informations, call Delores Fisher at 979- 279- 5707.

If you have some news of Christmas visitors or trips, please give me a call. I can have it in the paper next week.

We had our annual Cass family get- together at the home of Kelly and Chr is Cooper, Connel ly and Cameron on Christma s Eve with a Mexican food buffet, followed by our annual Chinese Christmas gift exchange. There wa s some much wanted items that went from hand to hand unt il the third recipient got to keep them because the item was “frozen.” Familymem ber swhower e able to attend this year were Kay and Claude La grone , Chad and She rryLagrone, Hay leigh and Keely, Buc k and Marie Ba kken , Bradley and Hannah, Sandra and Edward Dworaczyk, all of Milano; Janie Lagrone of Houston; Gar ry Dworaczyk of San Antonio; Li sa an d Gar y Ble ek er and Koy e of Rockdale; Marga ret and Henr y Schmitt of Sa n Angelo.

A ls o, Lance Lee of Carmin e; Terri Musia of Bryan; Kristian Lee and friend James of Temple; Leah Lee of Brya n; Ray Cass, Jerr y and Rene e Vinton, Set h, Ca lla and Isaa c, Kendall Lee, K rist i Lee , Wayne and I, all of Gause.

Jaxon Hayles spent from Dec. 16 until Christmas Eve in Houston with his dad, Br yan Hayles, and other relatives.

Chr istmas morn ing we had a brunch and then back to the Coopers for Christmas dinner Sunday evening.

The muc h ne eded ra ins hav e been somet hing to be th ankf ul for. With the cha ng ing weather, lots of our folks have had all kinds of sic knesses. Hop e everyone is feeling much better by New Years Day.

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