Luminant provides power plant, mine, drought updates

Luminant Community Advisory Panel (LCAP) members had questions about emissions, water and the drought when the panel met recently for its last 2011 session.

Luminant noted that, obviously, emissions had increased between 20090 and 2010 in the most recent annual Toxics Release Inventory—a publicly available database—because it covered a period in which Unit 5 had been operating for a full year.

Unit 5 came on-line in August, 2009.

However, Luminant told panel members its emissions inventory declined because “Unit 5 uses Best Available Control Technology and Unit 4 is benefitting from Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to decrease nitrogen oxides (NOX).

Luminant said Unit 4 has a scrubber to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions and Unit 5 uses other technology to do so.

Both units use sorbent injection and activated carbon to capture mercury emissions. Luminant is currently studying new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules concerning mercury and their possible effect on Sandow 4 and 5.

DROUGHT—Numerous questions were asked about drought impacts, according to facilitator Diane Sheridan.

Luminant said reclamation was affected when little of the spring planting survived the summer heat, requiring replanting.

Data to answer questions about aquifer levels may be found in the groundwater database on the Texas Water Development Board’s Water Information and Integration & Dissemination ( WIID) website at: http://wiid.twdb.state. explain.asp.

Asked if Luminant may sell water from depressurizing the aquifer to mine safely, LCAP members were reminded that Luminant does not own that water.

When the company bought the land for Three Oaks Mine, the city of San Antonio, which had previously contacted with Alcoa, kept the groundwater rights.

NEXT MEETING—Sheridan said the next quarterly LCAP session will be in Rockdale on Feb. 29.

In addition to updates on the power plant and Three Oaks Mine, the Feb. 29 agenda will include program planning for the next year.

Obser vers are welcome to attend, Sheridan said.

For more information, contact the LCAP facilitator at 800-484- 9212 x 4127 or

Local residents may also contact LCAP member Bob Wilson at 512/446-5700 or John Hughes at 512/947-3857

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