Parental discipline urged for students

Dear editor,

I applaud you for printing this letter in the paper (Jan. 26) , and Billy Strelsky for writing it.

There is one thing he left out, and that is:

If we got “a paddling” in school for being out of line, then when we got home, our parents already knew about it.

What came next?

A paddling from our parents!

Since parents today are not disciplining their children like they should be, then maybe they should receive “a paddling” too, for misbehaving as an entrusted parent.

Because of the above, I never misbehaved in school.

It’s time for parents and their children to start shaping up.

Bob Dymke

‘Thanks’ to judge for stance on county prayer

Dear editor,

I am so proud of our county judge and county commissioners for their stand on prayer.

It is our right as Americans to open each session of our commissioners court with prayer, and it is appropriate that this be followed by a moment of silence and a period during which others may follow themselves according to their own beliefs.

This certainly shows a strength in leadership in our county government.

Our nation was founded on Christian principles and we have always been and always will be in need of prayer so that we can keep America moving in the right direction.

This public display of our elected officials willingness to do this assures me that our county is headed in the right direction.

Thank you, Judge Barkemeyer, and county commissioners.

Most of all, thank you for demonstrating to our young people this important lesson, including the lesson in tolerance.

Lucile Estell

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