Warranty Deeds

E.W.J. Svetlik to Genevieve L. Tepera, Patricia A. Schneider and August V. Kostroun Jr. – two tracts (v. 1,164, p. 372).

Patrick M. Conoley Lifetime Trust, Patrick M. Conoley, trustee, to Spica LLC (v. 1,164, p. 433).

Danny N. Crowe to Robert Brice Crowe – Gideon B. Survey A-90 (v. 1,164, p. 512).

R. Bryce Crowe to Alden D. Crowe – Gideon B. Bowen Survey A-90 (v. 1,164, p. 514, 520).

Javan B. Crowe to Alden D. Crowe – Gideon B. Bowen Survey A-90 (v. 1,164, p. 517).

Milton E. Bell and Cindy K. Bell to Tyron M. Warren and Ebony N. Warren – James Shaw Survey A-342 (v. 1,164, p. 524).

Nada Warren to Steve Nemec and Iris Nemec – W.W. Lewis League (v. 1,164, p. 546).

John Wayne Mor ton to Kelly G. Rieger and Suzanne M. Rieger – Jose Justo Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,164, p. 592).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Michael L. McCrohan Jr. to Kaci M. Carrasco and Tomas Carrasco Jr. – lots, Ben Arnold (v. 1,164, p. 583).

Special Warranty Deeds

Rex W. Cole Heritage Trust, Rex Walton Cole, trustee, to Cole Family Partners Ltd. – D.D. Friar League (v. 1,164, p. 498).

Scott Lamar Cole 1997 Trust and David Carter Cole 1997 Trust, Scott Lamar Cole and David Carter Cole, trustees, to Cole Family Partners Ltd. – D.D. Friar League (v. 1,164, p. 501).

Suzanne Cole Chavira 1997 Trust et al to Fred Lamar Cole Jr. Family Limited Partnership – D.D. Friar League (v. 1,164, p. 504).

Fred Lamar Cole Estate and Fred Lamar Cole Family Trust, Fred Lamar Cole Jr., independent executor and co- trustee, and Rex Walton Cole, co-trustee, to Suzanne Cole Chavira 1997 Trust et al – D.D. Friar League (v. 1,164, p. 508).

Tommy M. Ford and Sandra K. Ford to Dustin Ray Ford (v. 1,164, p. 552).

Cash Warranty Deed

Lawrence Lee Jackson and Susan Annette Jackson to Charles L. Floyd and Pam Floyd – Ramsey Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,164, p. 383).

Quitclaim Deeds

Denis J. Bigwood and Peggy Bigwood to Denis J. Bigwood Revocable Trust, Denis J. Bigwood, trustee – Justo Liendo Sur vey A - 31 ( v. 1,164, p. 377).

Timothy N. Titsworth and Harvest Time Ministries to Timothy J. Titsworth – 1 acre, James Reed Survey A- 480 (v. 1,164, p. 412).

Oil and Gas Lease

Rudolph K. Schneebeli to Energy Drilling – William Pharrass Survey A-291 (v. 1,164, p. 459).

Probate Cases Filed

Mozell W. Williams applied for the Edward P. Williams Estate – letters of testamentary (PR10821).

Natasha Hemphil applied for the Rose Mary Hemphill Estate – determine heirship (PR10822).

Dortch E. Short Jr. applied for the Harlan Edward Short Estate – letters of testamentary (PR10823).

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