‘United Nations’ wants to compensate resident

Why would so many wealthy people and bankers in foreign countries be trying to give their money away?

Why are these foreigners so anxious to award this golden opportunity for wealth to people they do not know rather than providing financial security at home with their family and/or friends?

“ Paul Patrick” contacted a Milam County resident about a United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) ATM Card which has $2.7 million dollars on it.

All is in place and ready to validate as soon as this lady from Cameron contacts the courier company with the necessary requirements.

She needs to reconfirm her full name, delivery address, phone number, country, occupation, sex, and age.

(There is a chance that the age may not be given.)

“Mr. Patrick” writes “Note: the only fees you have to pay is the courier company security keeping fee which is $200.

“Contact them as soon as possible to make arrangements on how to effect the delivery fees of your ATM card as rightful beneficiary.”

The contact person “Mr .John Tony, Benin Republic\Coto - nou,” phone number and e-mail addresses are given.

You know to delete it rather than complying with the demands of Mr. so called Patrick.

“Patrick” states again:

• The value of the card, $2.7 million.

• Clear source of funds certificates (C.S.F.C.)

• Certificates of origin of funds. (C.O.F.).

He adds “ These documents have been sealed and packed for security reasons which makes it impossible for anyone to view it until it has been delivered to Cameron, Texas.

The e- mail is signed: “ Mr. paul patrick, (lowercase letters) United Nation Secretary General Origin.

The names in this e-mail seem strange, don’t you think?

Mr. Paul Patrick is the author on the e-mail.

Mr. John Tony is the contact person with an e-mail address using the name John Williams but the clincher is Patrick’s e-mail address is from the Philippines.

At least you should recognize this scam if and when it comes your way.

Pass the word. Your involvement is a key in fighting these crimes.

Milam County TRIAD will be having a birthday in April.

MCT is planning a party and you are invited. Details are coming soon.

A hint: The agreement between The State of Texas and Milam C ount y was signed Apr il 4 , 2002.

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