‘Two standards for drug possession in schools’

Dear editor,

It has come to my attention that drugs were found in a car at the high school and no charges were filed against the teen that was driving the vehicle.

They should know in a town the size of Rockdale, everyone knows what the other person is doing.

I would like to ask the school administration why it is so wrong that some kids are filed on for possession, and why it is okay for other ones to have drugs in their possession and not be filed on. The school needs to make up their mind, and follow through accordingly.

In my mind it is either right or wrong. It can not be both.

It seems as though this school has always set two standards, one for those whose parents volunteer at the school, and one for those that parents do not.

From what I hear from grandkids, that are at the high school, when I told them to stay away from the drug users, was “how can we, everyone is doing them?”

Personally I think they should legalize drugs, and sell them through the drug stores. That way we could tax them, have a way of getting addicts into care, and stop all the crime connected with them.

There is no way to control drugs, just as there was no way to control liquor during prohibition. All it is doing is costing tax dollars that we do not have, and stops nothing.

Let me be frank. I do not do drugs, and think people that do are crazy.

In this day and time we can no longer pay to lock all the people away that are doing drugs. There would be few people to pay for the prisons.

The school needs to decide, and do what they are going to do fairly. They should not have two standards, one for the well-todo, and one for the economically disadvantaged.

Rockdale Schools please get your act together and be fair to all the children.

Delores Beran

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