Woman from rescue thanks Milam heroes

Dear editor,

I would like to send a huge “ thank you” to all those individuals who assisted me last Saturday morning.

As I was driving on FM 908 around 6:30 am (while it was still dark), I ran into a wall of water. I could not see the water due to the darkness and was unaware of all the flooding that had taken place on the roads in that area.

I was extremely lucky to make it through the first wall of water, but was then confronted with even more f looded pavement just 100 feet past the first flooded area.

I stopped to see if my car would make it through the next f looded area and after getting out of my car and hearing the water rushing across the road, I knew I would not be able to make it across. Therefore, I was trapped between these two flooded areas.

I called 911 and spoke with Deput y Larr y Morgan of the Milam Co. Sheriff’s Department, who reassured me that they would do everything they could to get me out of the flooded area and on to safe, dry ground.

A little while later, a tractor driven by Jeremy Hoskins from Precinct 4 Road Dept. drove through the f looded area to pick me up and take me back to “dry land.”

There to meet me was Rockdale’s Fire Captain Ward Roddam, who a ssisted me w it h all my car “stuff” and kept me company until Deputy Morgan arrived to take me back to Rockdale where my husband picked me up.

What a fabu lous g roup of community servants that you have in Rockdale and Milam County.

I appreciate all of your rescue efforts, support, phone calls, encouragement, to make sure t hat I was safe and in good hands at all times.

I will never forget your kindness nor your unselfish efforts.

Patti Willems


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