Problems multiply as primary elections postponed

The continuing postponement of primary elections is causing considerable problems including here locally, and a great deal of anxiety for many people, particularly those trying to run for office this time around.

Let me try to address a few local matters for you as we hopefully are close to getting this redistricting thing resolved and a primary date set.

We have held up sending out the 2012 voter registration cards because we don’t know what congressional district Milam County will be in.

This must be printed on the card along with other information. The Tax Office has everything else ready to go and will send them out well ahead of the primary date once it is set.

The new cards will be yellow. You do not—I repeat do not need to reregister if you’ve registered in the past.

If you have not registered to vote, you have up to 30 days prior to the primary to do so. If for some reason your new card does not arrive once we get them mailed out—gets lost in the mail or something— you can still vote if you’re registered.

Use your old card or your Texas driver’s license. If you’re not sure where to vote, contact Nancy Tucker at the Milam County Tax Office at 254-697-7017 or Sherry Mueck at the County Clerk’s Office at 254- 697-7049 or at the Milam County Election Office at 254-697-2664 and they will help you.

To request a “ballot by mail,” contact Mueck as well.

The new voter precinct maps are posted on our web site at

The photo ID requirement for voting passed by the Texas legislature has not been cleared by the Department of Justice and apparently will not be in effect during the primary but may be required during the general election in November.

Your driver’s license or other state or federally-issued ID with photo will be used.

You may obtain a photo ID at the DPS driver’s license office at the Law Enforcement Center in Cameron if you do not have a suit- able photo ID.

It would be a good idea to go ahead and get prepared ahead of time in case this rule is implemented.

There’s been some confusion about which primary you may vote in since there are a number of candidates in both the Democratic and Republican primary this year.

You may vote in either primary, but not both, regardless of which one you’ve voted in in the past.

There are 11 voting locations in the county, one in each voting precinct, and both parties have voting places at the same location in each precinct.

S ome lo c at ion s have be en changed this year. These locations will be listed in the local newspapers and on the Milam County website, or you may call the phone numbers listed above to find out where to vote.

There will also be four early voting locations, one each in Cameron, Rockdale, Buckholts, and Thorndale.

We are assuming that there will also be a window opened for additional candidates to file and withdraw from the races, but we do not yet have the final word.

We, like you, are anxious to get on with this year’s election and will get the ball rolling as soon as they let us.

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