Scammer ‘Grace’ has God on her side E

-mails are as demanding as a ringing telephone. They get the attention of those being contacted. If the message comes to us, we feel immediate ownership without question.

The fact that our name is not found anywhere in the message, it still belongs to us. The e-mail recipient invariably asks “how did these people get my name.”

The truth is they do not know your name. That is why it is not found in the message greeting. The message sender did get the e-mail address.

The scam may claim, you were selected from some extensive research as Thomas Montelongo did. The sender does have Thomas’ e-mail address but not his name, The greeting simply says “My Dear” and in the text the personal pronoun “you” is used.

Here is the story behind this$22 million offer to instant wealth.

Grace Sulak, supposedly the sender assures the email recipient that their selection was not in error. Thomas was chosen after his name was carefully researched.

(Remember: His name is not mentioned anywhere).

“Grace is undergoing treatment in the Preston Hospital in the United Kingdom.

The e-mail address does not show “.uk.” It is common for sound alike people and places to be used hoping the reader will find the reading material more believable.

“Grace” is very religious and she feels that God intervened to put them together. God knows the purpose of this transaction will be used basically to help the poor and disadvantaged. As she puts it, to betray her is a betrayal of God.

Thomas is directed to contact the barrister Mrs. Sulak used in handling his legal affairs and Thomas responded.

A second email arrived from barrister “ Marshal Thurgud” which requested the usual information.

Thomas did not comply. He does not give out his personal data.

The barrister’s name is interesting. Was this name selected from the Supreme Court’s Thur- good Marshall’s?

February is black history month, so this may be a good time to google in the name.

Thurgood Marshall was credited for winning 14 cases at the Supreme Court level prior to his appointment to our nation’s highest court.

While serving as Justice he wrote 98 majority decisions and none have been reversed.

April 4, marks the 10th year anniversary of the Milam County TRIAD agreement with the State of Texas Attorney General’s Office.

A celebration is in the planning stages. Listen for the details to come soon and plan to attend the anniversary party.

The cake has been ordered.

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