Busy, fun-filled weekend ahead in ‘The Rock’

Special Alert! Busy, funfilled weekend ahead–don’t miss out!

Details about the events of this weekend are all in this issue of The Reporter, including our special Tejas Tab, all about the Tejas Festival.

The 54th annual Rockdale Relays is on Friday. Plus Milano boys basketball team plays in the regional tournament in New Braunfels.

So you won’t be seeing me with my usual 6 foot 5 inch sidekick.

I’ll be downtown all day. Then Saturday night I’ll be at the Intermediate School at the Kay Theatre’s “Black and White and Read All Over” dinner and play reading fund-raiser.

There will be something for everyone this weekend and I can’t wait!


My Dad, being the culinary expert that he is, shared his very own recipe with my brothers and I in an email.

We knew it would happen eventually but we thought something would freeze over first.



Bill Cooke’s ‘Recipe’

I just finished a culinary experience that I want to share with my offspring. As you know, I do a lot of cooking outdoors on the grill, but generally concede the kitchen to Nano’s enormous skills.

But today, I foraged up a wonderful lunch and I’ll share it with you in the form of a recipe.

Take one slice of bread, place it on a plate and slather it with a generous amount of mustard.

Take one Taylor Meat red weiner and cut it into bite-size pieces and distribute evenly across the bread. (This is actually an optional step; the weiner can be left whole if desired).

Take from the fridge some left-over chili. In this instance, it is an extra serving of Bill Martin’s famous Methodist Men’s chili supper product which we purchased at the event and brought home for future use.

In case you don’t have any of that on hand, non-Methodist chili would likely work satisfactorily.

Take a spoon and pile a generous amount of the chili atop the bread and weiner plate, making sure the chili totally covers the entire concoction.

Take one white onion and cut into half-inch slices, and take one fresh jalapeno and cut into bite-size pieces. Place the onion and pepper on a saucer to serve as a side dish or salad.

Put the plate into the microwave and nuke that big, rich brown dawg pile for 90 seconds. Then, because the chili might not be thoroughly hot, nuke it again for 20 more seconds.

Put both plates on the table and have at it. This meal goes really well with a Big Red soda pop that some grandkid left in the fridge. I will be forever grateful to whichever one it was.

Incidentally, this is a nutritious meal. I used whole wheat bread.

One final step: A damp sponge will clean up the mess in the microwave. That last 20-second shot was unnecessary.

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