Not so much a scam as straight-out begging

Ted Hubert

John Boca needs financial help. He is 28 and was caught up in the struggles of the civil war last year in Cote d’Ivoire, (Ivory Coast) West Africa.

He fled the country until the fighting was over in 2011, but now he is seeking funds to help him reestablish his business.

T he Un ite d Nat ion s wer e responsible for moving people from the city of Abidjan, the capitol city to safety in Liberia.

John’s approach is open and on the surface, seems honest. He is not offering a get rich scheme, or trying to use fraud for personal gain.

His plea is for a handout. He is saying “I need money to start over in my business, will you help?”

John does not know who is receiving these e-mails, so the generic greeting is understandable.

The e- mail begins “ Hello Beloved Ones.” In the body of the email he addresses the recipients as brother’s and sister’s (rather than brothers and sisters).

This salutation will include whomever got the message, male or female.

There a re no dema nd s or amounts stated in the e-mail. Just send whatever you are willing to give.

While John was in a refuge camp in Liberia, vandals took all his goods and destroyed his shop, or so he says.

He does not mention these gifts as loans. He doesn’t intend to repay the money he gets. He is sure that God will bless all that respond to his pitiful condition.

John may think that everyone in the United States of America is wealthy, loving, and willing to share their wealth with strangers, but, the truth is that many people in our great country could use financial support here.

After all, charity begins at home.

The United States Embassy in Cote d’Ivoire does not have the manpower to investigate the 419 scams.

Every week there are many requesting the Embassy’s aid in recovering money lost because someone responded to a scam.

There is also the matter of jurisdiction. The best action to take is delete the e-mail or you may want to give John your money. You must decide that for yourself.

Milam County TRIAD has an anniversary to celebrate next month.

The agreement presented by John Cornyn, the Texas Attorney General’s Office was signed in the Milano Civic Center on April 4, 2002. Milam County was the 112th TRIAD unit in the state of Texas, at that time.

The first week in April is Holy Week. The second week in April is the City of Milano Volunteer Fire Department’s Ladies Auxiliary’s garage sale, so the decision is made and the date Tuesday, April 17, is set.

Refreshments and fellowship are 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

At 7 p.m. the program begins. (details on the program will come later).

You have plenty of advance notice, so circle the date on the calendar to attend the anniversary Celebration of the Milam County TRIAD.

Help pass the word. Let’s have the largest crowd ever for a general membership meeting.

MDT wants you there.

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