That thunder on weekend? ‘Nannie Grone’

I t has been a somber time in the household of all Lagrones since Friday when our beloved “Nanny Grone” went to be with Jesus. My 94- yearold grandmother taught me many life lessons, the most important being to stay true to my faith. She was a Godfearing woman “Nanny who with her Grone” sweet smile and sometimes stern voice would get her point across with grace and love. She wanted everyone to know that there is no life without Jesus. Over the course of the last decade, the ugly disease of dementia slowly began to steal her away. Four- and- a- half years ago the hard decision was made to move her from the beautiful 88 acres she loved so much and had shared with her husband Sonny and raised her family, to the Renaissance Villa facility in Rockdale. When I got the call on Friday morning with my daddy Claude in tears on the other end, my heart broke for him. I was sad she was gone. But as the day progressed I realized that my sweet Nanny’s spirit had finally been released. She was no longer confined to that frail body and her mind was free from the bondage of dementia. She was and will remain the matriarch of our large brood. She took such pride in that. I know she was smiling down on Sunday afternoon when the obituary was read stating she had 14 grandchildren and 37 great- grandchildren. She was proud to be a Lagrone and she was proud to be from Milano. During the last few years of her life when she didn’t quite know where she was or who her visitors might be, she did remember that she was from Milano and would tell anyone who asked. Our hearts will ache for a long time, but we will heal. We have cried and will cry, but she wants us to be happy. Her hope for each family member, both blood and adopted, was to know the love of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It shown from her in many ways and now she sits by His side. We lost PawPaw Sonny in February 1964. I never got to meet him, but knew him through pictures and Nanny’s stories. Uncle Dennis (D. K.), their oldest son, left us in 1993. I can still hear his deep voice and laughter. If you were wondering why the thunder was so loud on Friday and Saturday, I have a feeling it was my Nanny dancing with Jesus, and giving Sonny and Dennis a few ear fulls too.

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