Exemption deadline ahead for some

Non-profit organizations may be totally exempt from property taxes, but to qualify, they must apply to t he Milam Count y Appraisal District no later than April 30.

The April 30 deadline also applies to businesses that are receiving tax abatements granted by taxing units; to firms that ship inventory out of Texas and may be eligible for the “freepor t” exemption on cer tain goods in transit; and to businesses that acquired pollution control property.

Property tax exemptions are available to non-profit charitable orga nizat ions, yout h development organizations, religious organizations, nonprofit private schools, cemeteries, veterans’ organizations, historical and archeological sites and other organizations. Requirements var y for d ifferent types of organizations. Non-profit organizations may receive a property tax exemption immediately upon buying or acquiring a property during the year and meeting the exemption qualifications.

Once granted an exemption, cemeteries, charitable organizations, youth development organizations and non-profit private schools do not have to reapply annually unless the chief appraiser asks them to file again. However, they must apply if their exempt property changes ownership, if their qualif ication for exemption changes or if they acquire new proper t y. The law requires annual application for all other types of exempt organizations.

Property owners with mineral property or business personal property worth less than $500 are exempt from property taxes on those small amounts of proper t y. No exemption application is required.

The Appraisal District is a free- standing governmental office. Milam County Commissioners’ Court has no jurisdiction or responsibility over the functions of the Appraisal District.

For information about property tax exemptions that are available to businesses and non-profit organizations, contact the Milam County Appraisal District, P. O. Box 769, 120 N. Houston Avenue, Cameron, TX 76520; (254) 697- 6638 or (800) 772- 4457 before April 30. Details are a lso available from the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division. Visit the Comptroller’s website at www.window.state. tx.us/taxinfo/proptax/ or call (800)252-9121 and press “2” to access the menu and then press “1” to contact the Information Services Team.

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