‘Potential scam victims’ to he honored April 17th

Someone who signs the name “Margaret Brown” is sending e-mails and is very concerned they may be filtered into your spam folder.

“ She” directs the reader to search the e-mail provider so her offer arrives to you. It seems to me that if the provider caught that e-mail in the Spam folder, then the recipient could not read these instructions.

Am I missing something here?

The next step is to win your confidence. She admits that the Internet is a source of abuse, but she is happy to be connected with you.

She fears that criminal-minded people taking advantage of people makes it difficult for her to present her predicament in an open and honest way. (Are you feeling sorry for “Margaret” yet?)

The sad truth, she claims, is about the sudden death of her husband. Before his death Mr. Brown worked in a Japanese oil refinery for 29 years. Over the years money accumulated and grew to over 8 million pounds. Mr. Brown managed to transfer his money to the United Kingdom. He named Margaret his beneficiary. A link to a website explaining the Tsunami hitting Japan last year is an attempt to establish trust between you and “Margaret.”

Margaret does not trust her family. They are after these funds. She wants the money spent on charities.

And this is her last wish. She has been diagnosed with a fast mov ing cancer of the throat (esophagus cancer). She can’t talk and she is awaiting death. Must move fast, if she is going see her dreams come true.

It is difficult to arrange these monies from a hospital room in Burkina Faso, Africa. She is unable to travel and insists on giving instructions to be followed explicitly.

Your pay is 30 percent of the total and the other 70 percent will go toward charities.

Margaret Brown grew-up as an orphan. No family of her own.

She is anxious to hear from you. The correct action for Margaret Brown’s e-mail, when it shows up at your house, is to delete. Never open a website found in the body of the e-mail. It may offer a convenience you cannot afford.

RECOGNITION— Milam County TRIAD is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, April 17, with a program, finger foods and desserts at the Milano Senior Citizen Center.

Eating and fellowship begins at 6 p.m. with the program at 7 p.m.

Many of you have reported attempted scams and MCT issued warning to protect Milam County residents.

If your name was used in any TRIAD article, MCT would like to recognize you at the anniversary party. You will register by signing in as a potential victim.

You can visit while snacking about your ordeal and you can hear about the experiences others had.

It would be a Herculean task to go through the articles and pick out the names of people in the articles written. This article is No. 437.

The list will be placed in the Milam County TRIAD scrapbook. Susan Larson is the MCT Historian and she does a wonderful job keeping these records.

If you remember reading about family members, neighbors and/ or friends in the Milam County TRIAD articles, contact them and tell them how important it is to attend the anniversary party.

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