TAC, CTCOG provide tons of help for Milam County

There have been two organizations that have provided a tremendous amount of guidance and assistance during my first year in office.

The Texas Association of Counties (TAC) is headquartered in Austin near the state capitol.

This is an association of all 254 county governments in the state of Texas with this central group staffed to provide technical support to the members.

The other is the Central Texa s C ou nci l of G over nment s (CTCOG), headquartered in Belton and composed of the county and city governments of Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, San Saba, Mills, Hamilton, and Milam counties.

Texas is divided into some 24 COGS with various federal and state grants and other programs administered through these groupings of local governments.

Each COG is overseen by a board of directors made up of local officials with the day to day run by an appointed director, ours being Jim Reed. Milam programs funded through CTCOG and their partner agencies include Section 8 rental assistance, Headstart, Workforce Center, 911 dispatching, Meals on Wheels, HOP transportation services, Family Planning, county mapping, MHMR, and more.

We also contribute some county funding to some of these.

The TAC provides much of the initial training that we county officials must have to get started when we are elected to office, whether we are a new county judge, commissioner, county clerk, JP, and for our employees who require special training.

They also provide much of our required continuing education year to year.

In addition they have a legal department that we can call on for advice on the laws and reg ulat ions t hat gover n our activities, they provide group insurance programs, legislative lobbying coordination, various data services, and a number of other expert advisory service for county officers.

Not a week goes by that we are not on the phone seeking help from someone in one of these organizations.

I am in the CTCOG office in Belton at the board of directors meeting each month with county judges, commissioners, mayors, and city managers from the seven counties.

I’ve been in the TAC offices in Austin several times this past year visiting with Gene Terry, the head of that organization, and various members of his staff seeking advice on various legal, insurance, web site design, legislative, and other subjects.

Bottom line is that having the experts in these organizations available helps us be a lot more effective in getting our job done.

Now that I’ve had a chance to work with both groups fairly extensively for over a year, now, it’s my opinion that we are blessed with some good people in both organizations.

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