Milam County TRIAD traces origin to 2002

SALT (Seniors and Lawmen Together) Committee Member

Editor’s note: Milam County TRIAD will observe its 10th anniversary from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Milano Senior Citizens Center. This is the history of that organization. I n 1999, Nancy Gresham, of the Texas Attorney General’s

Office, introduced the TRIAD concept at the Texas Retired Teachers Association Convention, in Austin.

Eleven years earlier, in 1988, The National Sheriff ’s Association, The International Chiefs of Police Association and the AARP, recognized the need for establishing a way to better communicate among these two law enforcement agencies and senior citizens.

Since Milam County had no AARP, the Milam County Retired Teachers Association became the catalyst to launch the 112th TRIAD in the state of Texas.

The agreement between Milam County and the Texas Attorney General’s Office was signed in the Milano Senior Citizens Building, on April 4, 2002.

The Milam Count y TR IA D (MCT) Constitution and bylaws were adopted and the newly formed organization was set in motion.

Membership would be free and automatic to all Milam County residents, 55 and older.

Agencies working closely with the elderly were selected as entities.

These agencies include the Milam County Sheriff’s Department, police departments of in Rockdale, Cameron, Thorndale and Buckholts, the Milam County Texas Retired Teachers Association and emergency medical services.

From this group of entities, ten are chosen to serve on the governing body called the SALT (Seniors And Lawmen Together) Committee.

These members are appointed to serve two year terms with no limit of terms.

Each January the SALT Committee officers are elected, the number of membership meetings are set, along w ith the time, place, and dates for each meeting.

Emergency 911 cell phones, with extra battery and charger, are provided at no costs to senior citizens.

Those interested can fill out an application form. Refrigerator cards are provided free, also.

Old or unwanted cell phones, collected for recycling, generates revenue for MCT expenses.,

Name recognition was, and still is a problem. TRIAD simply means a group of three.

The SALT Committee took action to better acquaint the gen- eral public, with Milam County TRIAD (MCT).

It is hoped that the newspaper articles reporting scams, schemes, frauds, and pitfalls explains the MCT Mission, to inform the elderly of Milam County, and to increase name recognition throughout Milam County.

MCT had signs printed and distributed brochures to further these efforts. Yet, today, many are unaware of the services offered to them through the MCT.

Word of mouth is a powerful way to advertise. MCT needs your help to pass the word, to take your old unwanted and unneeded cell phones to one of these collection locations:

KRXT, KMIL, Kountry Inn, City Police Stations in Rockd a le , T hor nd a le , C a mer on , and Buckholts, Bea’s Kitchen, The Chamber of Commerce in Rockdale and Cameron, and the Milam County Sheriff’s Office.

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