‘50s Women of Alcoa: IDs progress

Neighbor Grover sez bakers trade recipes only on a kneadto know basis. I t’s been over a month since the adjacent photo ran in this corner of The Reporter, seeking IDs on the “Women of Alcoa,” circa early to mid-1950s.

The photo was found in a box of old photos here and we thought it would be interesting to see what reader response it would prompt, if any at all.

Well, I’m happy to report that it prompted a lot, and yet not all of the women have been identified. And some have been identified rather tentatively since the photo is well over a half century old.

I heard comments such as:

“I believe that might be....”

“That could well be.....”

“That kinda’ looks like....”

“I wouldn’t bet on it, but I think that’s.....”

Anyway, I had offered anyone who could make the IDs a free one-year subscription or a one-year subscription renewal. And I’m happy to announce that the following who have helped with the IDs so far will receive renewals:

L ola Pevehou se, “ C ou sin” Eleanor (Susie) Weems, Evelyn Stork,Billy and Marie Gest, Clois and Nettie Greene (now of Temple), Ruth Haney, Jeannie Menke, Hal Reagan, and a new subscription will begin for Jack Nettles in Victoria, the man who must have taken the photograph. Jack was editor of the Alcoa employee magazine, The Ranger, for several years during the 1950s.

A s you c an see, t here are names with 10 of the 15 women in the photo. Some have question marks by them. Some more might should have. At any rate, it’s been a fun exercise, and if you happen to be able to shed a little more light on the subject, give me a call or email.

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