City recycling center now open, Mill at Hickory

The City of Rockdale recently opened the Rockdale Recycling Center at the corner of Mill and Hickory.

The recycling center is open at all times and will take the following items:

Aluminum cans; glass jars and bottles (no light bulbs, windows or mirrors); tin, steel or aerosol cans; plastic tubs, jars and trays; plastic bottles; all plastics coded from No. 1 to No. 7 and cardboard.

Paper, magazines, phone books, school and office paper, paper grocery bags and hard bound books can be place in the Crown Garden Club recycling container at the First Christian Church parking lot.

Also, Rockdale High School has a paper recycling container that the public may use.

The cit y’s recycling center will not take trash, furniture, yard waste or wood, styrofoam products, food boxes, electronics, ceramics or dishes, motor oil containers, batteries, furniture, or appliances. Also, the recycling center will not take hazardous waste. The site was selected after considering numerous factors including safety, lighting, ease of access, maneuvering area for the trucks delivering and emptying the container, and a level surface.

Once these criteria were developed a number of sites were considered.

The site at Mill and Hickory met all the criteria. I approached County Commissioner Dale Jaecks to see if he would let us use the property, since it is county property.

Commissioner Jaecks graciously gave his approval for the site and we thank him for that.

The site was then put before the City Council and they also approved locating the recycling center at the site.

Many of our residents have expressed an interest in recycling and we hope that they will take advantage of the recycling center.

Recycling reduces the space needed in landfills and helps preserve our environment.

When using the recycling center, please place only those items which are allowed.

There are signs at the center which state which items are allowed) in the container to help make our recycling center a success.

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