Latest scam: ‘A million bucks from BMW’

A utomobile scams are making an appearance in Milam county. The latest claim to be from the BMW ( Bavarian Motor Works) or Toyota “international lotto.”

You wonder what could possibly come next?

Did I enter this contest? It is impossible to win a lotto without it.

Do you really think BMW gives millions of dollars away? How long would any CEO keep their job, if the stockholders learned that the company gave away money?

The scam seems so obvious, why do people respond to these fraudulent offers? It is difficult to answer this question without hurting someone’s feelings, but the answer seems to be greed.

The brightly colored e-mail with its red, green, blue, black and white is impressive. It does not address anyone in particular.

The message declares you are the winner of a million dollars in BMW’s yearly promotion. No, you did not enter the contest. You were “randomly selected” from your e-mail address. The e-mail gives your serial number as SA9627, attempting to make the scam more believable.

Contact person is “Paul Khumato” and you are prov ided information to “register your winnings.” The international telephone code “27” serves South Africa.

The e-mail is signed by “Susan Zoma.” The so-called notary’s official seal shows a South Africa Gaming Commission, complete with the notary’s number.

The number surely impresses all that read it.

These crooks must be successful otherwise, there would be much fewer opportunities to get filthy rich overnight. If or when this shows up in your computer, just delete. Do not respond to these criminals. You want to get your hands on them or at least give them a piece of your mind because you are so frustrated and that is understandable.

Maybe counting to ten will help. On second thought, count to 100 and take a deep breath

Remember to turn in your useless, unwanted cell phones to Milam County TRIAD.

You can deliver the cell phones to any police station in Milam county or the Milam County Sheriff’s department. Thanks.


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