Voter cards going out this week (they hope)

Milam redistricting info sent to printer Tuesday

After redistricting squabbles caused what’s now a four-month delay in getting Texans new voter registration cards, they could finally be in the mail as soon as this weekend.

That’s the word from Kolette Morgan, county tax collector, who said her office completed work on county precinct redistricting changes on Monday and forwarded updated information to the printer on Tuesday.

That should give Milam voters about a week to spare between receiving their new cards and using them in city and school election early voting.

Early voting for the May 12 municipal and school district elections begins April 30. All Rockdale races are contested.

Early voting for the May 29 primaries starts May 14.

DELAY—Voter registration cards are usually mailed around the first of a year but this time around were delayed after redistricting appeals and suits which reached the U. S. Supreme Court.

Those delays even sparked a rash of Internet urban legends, alleging “stolen elections” and warning “Americans rights to vote are being taken away.”

Actually, Texas counties didn’t know what information to print on the cards until the redistricting questions were settled.

That happened with a U. S. Supreme Court ruling.

Courts also tossed out a photo ID law, passed by the Texas Legislature, which would have required voters in 2012 to present some form of voter identifica- tion.

INFORMATION—Voter registration cards can be printed because officials now know what congressional (17), state senate (5) and state representative (20) districts Milam County is in.

There are no Democratic candidates for any of those positions.

On the GOP ballot, incumbent Bill Flores is challenged by George W. Hindman for the 17th District Congressional seat.

State Senate District 5 candidates, seeking to replace Steve Ogden, are Dr. Charles Schwertner and Ben Bius.

Schwertner is the incumbent District 20 State Representative. Dr. Marsha Farney is unopposed on the Republican Primary ballot for that position.

In past general elections there have been Green Party and Libertarian

Party candidates.

COUNTY CHANGES—In addition to state redistricting changes, the new voter cards will reflect resdistricting changes within Milam County, based on 2010 census figures.

Most notable changes were in the Minerva area which went from Precinct 1 to Precinct 2.

Voters won’t see a change in location however. The Minerva voting box remains at the Minerva Community Center, but the number changes from 103 to 203.

Those changes, however, have to be ref lected on voter cards and that’s the work which was completed Monday by the tax office staff.

“Just as soon as we receive the cards from the printer we’ll get them in the mail,” Morgan said. “Unless there’s some kind of unexpected delay, that should be this week.”

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