Despite clown terror, circus was awesome

This wee k’s L ifestyle page shows some hig hlights of the Carson- Bar ne s Circ us that came to town la st week.

We took grandson Reese , age 2 and nephew Agust in, age 7 and alt hough LuLu and B are a little bit olde r th an the y are , we st ill had a great time. Thankyou to theRockdale Rot ar y Club for br inging some - thing out- of- the-ordina ry to Mila m Count y. I mean, it’s not every day you get to see a camel or an eleph ant, much less get to ride on them. Reese loved it from the minute we got ther e, start ing w it h the cool music, the bright costumes and of cou rse, the an imals. Hewa sn ’tcra zyabou tthe cot ton ca ndy. This was his first experience with the mysterious flu ffy stu ff. Aug gie got some first and his candy was impresi ve in a br ightly colore d, f luf fy cl oud kind of way.

Soof course Reese wanted some because Auggie had some. But he just couldn’t wrap his head around it . He ref us ed to try it , eve n though we all told him he would li ke it. But thin k about it, how do you de scr ibe cotton candy? It’s hard.

A s we we re le av i ng for t he circus, I put on a fake red clow n noseandturne daro und and asked Re ese if he was ready for the circu s. Ree se said very seriously,

“LuLu, I don’t li ke clown s.” Boy, did that take me back.

Clown s freak me out. I did not think that I ever said anything in front of my girls when they were lit tle, but sure enough, they were scared of clow ns too.

Ireme mb ermanyaparad e when my two gi rls would watch and enjoy ever y single float and participant inthe parade bu t alw ays kept a watc hf ul ey e out for clowns.

If a clown appeared, they would turn their ba cks to the par ad e and hold on to me unt il the terror had passed.

And now Reese? I asked Katie if she had told Reese that she was scared of clowns and she said “No Mom, he just doesn’t like them.”

So is clown terror passed dow n from generation to ge ne rat ion? Apparent ly in my family it is. De spite the clow ns, we had a great time. The ele phan ts wer e impressive, gentle giants and the trapeze artists were da ring. I wasn’t too sure about the little Bendy- Boy, however.

Apparently Bendy- Boywas born without any real bones in his body. I have never, ever, seen a person turn themselve s inside out before.

I have, in the pa st, been so mad that I thought I had tu rned inside out. But after se eing Bendy- Boy, I now know that I did n’t reall y do that.

Reese and Au ggie also had a blast on the huge blow up slide . Plus they ro de the elepha nt, petted ba by go ats, a l la ma a nd a donkey and rode a ci rc us train.

Af ter a goo d bath, we al l slept really well that night.

Clown s were not mentioned.


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