Toyota isn’t giving away money or cars

This may surprise you, but “Toyota International Lotto Headquarters is a scam. Toyota does not give cars or money away.

If you get an e-mail supposedly from the TIL Headquarter Customer Service Department, it’s phony. Delete it.

The scammer congratulates the e-mail recipient three times and addresses the recipient as “Dear Winner”.

The body of the e-mail speaks of Toyota’s pleasure in its duty to inform you of this windfall.

The winner was “chosen to enter the contest from a contest bank of over 7.4 million e-mail addresses.”

Prize is $5 million dollars. You get a million. One must admit, this is a very good deal for doing absolutely nothing. If it is too good to be true, consider it untrue.

Instructions put you together with contact person “Frank Shin.”

Name of “Mrs. Ting Yang Lee,” the coordinator, is typed in.

There is no signature, or course, but under the closing is a list of 14 items regarding the recipient’s personal data which is needed to proceed with the claim.

Anyone can investigate the email to determine if the offer is legitimate or phony. Search the different websites with information addressing the offer. Use the search engine you are most comfortable with and type in “ Toyota International Lotto.”

Next step is to enter, then choose the listed website that seems to have information on the topic being researched.

Open the website and read its contents. You can tell very quickly, if this is the information you are seeking or not.

At you can read several versions of the TIL scam.

It may also give the original date of the scam or as close as it can be determined. If you check these scams out for yourself, you can help spread the word about the criminal’s intent to scam others.

REGISTER—Have you registered to vote? Senior citizens have the reputation for exercising their right to vote and they do just that at every opportunity.

Voter turnout in Milam county is lacking most of the time. May 29 is the date set for Texas primary elections.

If you missed out because you did not register, then by all means, register so your voice is heard in the Nov. 6, general elections.

If transportation is a problem, contact the county clerk’s office or one of the political parties.

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