Is there some frustration along the way?

Dea r Dave,

I’m about to complete Baby Step 3. I’ve been very in ten se abo ut follo wi ng yo ur pla n, but I wa s won der ing if there’s ever any kind of fru st rat ion or letdown after you’ve come this far.

Rasheed Dear Rashee d,

Yo u’r e right. The beginn ing thre e Bab y Ste ps are ver y in te nse . Firs t, you ge t $1,000 in th e bank— $500 if you ma ke le ss than $20 ,000 a ye ar— for a beg inne r emer gen cy fund as fas t as you can. The n, pay of f al l you r debts, exc ept the house , from smalles t to larges t, and af ter that you finish out yo ur eme rgency fun d wit h thr ee to si x mon ths of expenses. This is a re al wh irlw ind of act ivity, bec au se eve r yt hing shou ld be wr app ed up in an aggress ive, we’ve -got- to -get- this- done kind of at titud e.

I guess if there’s a le tdow n it cou ld come from the feel ing that once you’re out of debt except for your house, thing s sh ould kick into overdriv e and you’ll be come in st antan eo usly wealthy. That ju st isn’t re alist ic. But it does remove a ton of st ress from your life, and you’ ll exper ience a sense of freedom that you’ve never felt befo re.

As for frustr at ion s, they’ll be fewer bec ause a hu ge cau se of st ress and frust ration will dis - appe ar after you ga in control of your money and get out of debt . You may feel like things are n’t mov ing fast enoug h, but things never seem to move fast enoug h when you’r e inten se and re ally into what you’re doing!

—Dave Dave Ramsey is a trus ted voice on money an d busin es s. He’s authore d four New Yor k Time s best-sell- ing bo oks: Fi nan cial Pe ac e, Mo re Than Enough, The Total Mon ey Mak eover an d Ent reL ea dershi p. The Dave Rams ey Show is hea rd by mo re tha n 5, 000,0 00 listeners each wee k on more than 50 0 radi o sta tion s. Follo w Dav e on Twitte r at @DaveRa msey an d on th e web at dave

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