Con artists have to do their homework, too

Con artists are not lazy, stupid, poeple with negative personalities. In fact, these criminals may work harder and earn less traveling the illegal journey through life, than they would with a regular paying job.

A personality profile determines a persons strengths and weaknesses. A list of needs would be helpful and so would information regarding the potential victim’s fears.

Family information tells these crooks, if money needs are pressing and a ballpark figure of the amount of money necessary for financial obligations past, present or future to be met. The personal data collected will reflect the individual’s pride, ego, hopes, dreams, health condition, age, and even bragging rights, if a fantastic deal is finalized.

This background information sets the plan of attact into action.

The thief knows all about you and you are unaware of his plots and schemes. Their next move is to earn your respect and confidence. They laugh with you during happy times and cry with you, too. This hyprocrite will pray with you and say that you are in their prayers constantly.

They are most effective in the role of best friend in the world. The more you like or love a person the easier it is to take unfair advantage of you.

When the time is right, the strike is made. You have been manipulated into a position that prohibits actrions, on your part, for reporting the crime.

The use of fear comes when retribution on you personally or a family member is threatened. The possibility of your embrassment or shame so hurtful that the issue is to be hidden forever. It may be that you have been brainwashed to the point that you take the word of the con artist over the advice of public servants.

Family members are frustrated, at times, trying to convenience a loved one of the scam. The well established con artist is more believable to the victim than family members.

Milam County TRIAD works for senior citizens. Alerts to avoid scams, schemes and frauds are published often to protect the elderly from jeopardizing their life’s savings, yet people fall for these false opportunities over and over again.

Why? There should be a point in time when a light would go off in your head reminding you that something is wrong here.

The message ringing in your ear saying “if it is too good to be true,” recognize it as untrue. The best advice is to delete, tear up, hangup, or slam the door in the face of these criminals. What would you do if you were in the market to purchase Home Depot stock for pennies on the dollar?

A man approached by two gentlemen in suits and ties cut the deal. Anxious to invest in stock at the reduced rate, the victim went to his bank, withdrew money for the transaction. The con artists took the money and informed the victim that he should see the Home Depot Manager for the details of the transaction.

When he returned the con artists were gone and the money went w ith them.

Con artists knew of the victim’s interest in playing the stock market. They knew he was a bargin hunter, and they were successful in taking advantage of the situation.

Take time to think things through. Avoid pressure to act immediately. Report scams and/or attempted scams to the proper authorities. Share information with friends and neighbors.

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