Quietly we go like sheep to slaughter

Neighbor Grover sez he was once engaged to a girl with a broken leg but she broke it off. W alter Michalke of Austin, formerly of Rockdale, sends this gem:

A government social worker from a big city was transferred to the mountains of West Virginia. On her first tour of her new territory she came upon the tiniest cabin she had ever seen and knocked on the door.

“Anybody home?” she asked.

“Yep,” came a kid’s voice through the door.

“Is your father there?”

“Pa? Nope, he left afore Ma came in,” said the kid.

“Well, is your mother there?”

“Ma? Nope, she left just afore I got here,” said the kid.

“But,” protested the social worker, “are you never together as a family?”

“Sure, but not here,” said the kid. “This is the outhouse!”

Government workers!


Along those lines, this was sent to me by Chris Dyess:

Once upon a time the government had a huge scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.” So they hired a night watchman.

Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning department and hired two people, one to write the instructions and the other to do time studies.

Then Congress said, “How will we know the night watchman is doing the tasks correctly?” So they created a Quality Control Department and hired two people, one to do the studies and one was to write the reports.

Then Congress said, “How are these people going to get paid?” So they created two positions: a time keeper and a payroll officer.

Then Congress said, “Who will be accountable for all these people? ” So they created an administrative section and hired an administrator, an assistant administrator and a secretary.

Then Congress said, “We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $918,000 over budget. We must cut back.”

So they laid-off the night watchman.

Quietly, we go like sheep to slaughter.

Does anybody remember the reason given for the establishment of the Department of Energy during the Carter administration?

Anybody? Anything? No? Didn’t think so.

Bottom line is, we’ve spent several hundred billion dollars in support of an agency, the reason for which few can remember.

It was very simple. The Department of Energy was instituted on Aug. 4, 1977 to “lessen our dependence on foreign oil.”

Now, 35 years later, the budget for this department is $24.2 billion a year and it has 16,000 federal employees and some 100,000 contract employees.

In 1977, 30% of our oil consumption was foreign imports. Today 70% of our oil consumption is foreign imports. Good old federal bureaucracy.

Now the government has its hands in the banking system, health care and the auto industry.

Hello! Anybody home? Anyone remember free enterprise?


The Night Watchman

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