Think you know Rockdale? Take this quiz

How much do you know about the Rockdale city government? Take the following quiz to see. All answers can be found either on the City’s website or at the bottom of this column.

1. What is the regular meeting date each month for the city council meeting?

2. How long is the runway at the airport?

3. How many computers are available for public use at Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library?

4. Which park is owned by the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce?

5. How many sworn police officers does the police department have?

6. What is the City’s population according to the 2010 census?

7. When should you change the bat ter ies in your smoke alarm(s)?

8. How many square feet of f loor space is available at the George Hill Patterson Community Center for special events?

9. How many Rockdale citizens serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission? 10. How often can someone have a garage sale?

11. True or False: Only upcoming agendas are available online for city council meetings.

12. Who do you contact to have tree limbs removed from your yard?

13. True or False: You can send a postcard by e-mail through the city’s website.

14. Online payments may be made for which two items?

15. How far does the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction extend? ANSWERS 1. The second Monday of each month.

2. 3,084 linear feet.

3. 15.

4. Wolf Park.

5. 11.

6. 5,595.

7. Whenever you set your clocks forward or backward for daylight savings time.

8. 6,200

9. Nine.

10. No more than one time or more than two consecutive days each calendar quarter per year.

11. False. Under “E Services” and the “Archive Center”, previous city council agendas are available.

12. Contact City Hall at 512-446- 2511. A Public Works employee will inspect the size and amount of your tree limbs and quote you an estimate of the cost to remove the limbs.

You may choose to either accept or not accept the estimate.

13. True. Under “E-Services” on the City’s home page, select “Postcard”. You will have a variety of postcards to choose from. You can send a postcard to anyone in the world who has an e-mail address.

14. Utility bills and municipal court .

15. One mile. The extra-territorial jurisdiction (or ETJ) allows the city to control subdivision development in the area that is one mile outside the city limits. Also, the Rockdale Municipal Development District includes everything inside the city limits and also within the ETJ.

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