Endings, beginnings, beyond

We are at that point again when it seems like the school year has f lown by so quick ly. Yes it is t he month of May and the year is winding down with many activities honoring our students and many memories made by our students, staff and parents.

This is a time of year when our eighth graders say goodbye to their junior high and our seniors say goodbye to Rockdale ISD as they take a new step in their lives. Congratulations, gif ts and cards w ill be presented to many, and of course tears of joy and sadness will be shed with mixed emotions of celebrating success.

When watching our students it is clear t hat even t hough every day is not perfect in their life at RISD they have enjoyed their year and are proud of their accomplishments. I could see it in their awesome performances at the marching and concert band contests, their ar tistic expressions in their spring Golden Girl performance, their creativity on their paintings on the walls of the high school, t heir pr ide in t heir work at the FFA banquet, their success in track, golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and softball this semester and their desire to help others by their participation in the Friends of Rachel Club, the Leader in Me, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Compassion and Kindness Club, the Walk for Life, and the Walk out of the Darkness.

We have really good students and it is important to understand that our students will be leading this nation and state and taking care of us someday. They will be our doctors, lawyers, educators, legislators, city council, etc. I am very proud of their accomplishments and I am confident that we will see greatness from them in the future.

They did not get to this point alone. Our community, churches, little leagues and civic organizations have all been a partner in their growth. Our parents have been there to support their children and to encourage them to make the right choices at school and in life. And as we recognize our teachers and staf f this week with Teacher Appreciation Week we honor and thank our facu lt y for t he d if ference t hey have made in ou r st udent s’ lives. Many of them have been there for our students before and after the school bell. Their unending dedication has been a catalyst of success for many of our students.

In a few weeks we will close out this school year, but before our students leave I would like for you to read some of their thoughts. I have had the privilege of working with a diverse committee of high school students over the past three years that act as an advisory group to me. This past week during our final meeting they answered the following question, “What should school provide for our students”?

These are their answers: preparat ion for life; college preparation; learn to be responsible; learn to be organized and independent; self- discipline; life skills; to communicate with others; learn to develop and set goals; participate in sports; build confidence so we know what we want to do; interact with others; career preparation; help us to build professionalism; and to trust the educational system.

I think it is interesting that no one stated “to make good grades” or “to pass a test.” After hearing what these students have to say and watching our students perform over the past year, we can be assured that there is not only hope for our f uture, but a great group of people that will take our community to a higher level.

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