‘Save water,’ city pleads; two wells in repair mode

With two of Rockdale’s four active water wells experiencing “significant problems,” city officials are asking residents to conserve water.

“The two wells are experiencing problems as a result of aging and corrosion,” City Manager Kelvin Knauf said. He said repairs are expected to be completed within the next 70 days.

“We’re asking both residents and businesses to be prudent in their use of water,” Knauf said.

He said the problem is being addressed. A consulting engineer recommended rehabilitating the two wells, the project was bid and low-bidder Weisinger Water Well Inc. was awarded the rehabilitation work.

“All approvals by local, state and federal agencies have been approved for proceeding with the project and Weisinger anticipated work will be completed within 70 days,” he said.

That 70-day window will take the project deep into the summer, the time of greatest water use.

CONSERVE—Knauf offered the following water conservation tips:

• Run washing machines and dishwashers only when full.

• Water lawns in the evening or at night.

• Take shorter showers.

• Use a broom or leaf blower instead of a water hose to clean driveways and sidewalks.

• Check for water leaks. If your water meter dial is running and no water is being used, you have a leak.

• Don’t overwater lawns or plants. (Check for moisture two to three inches below the surface before watering.

• Don’t use running water to thaw food; defrost in the refrigerator instead.

• Soak pots and pans instead of letting the water run while scraping them clean.

• Don’t water the law n on windy days. Most of the water evaporates anyway.

• Turn off the nozzle while washing vehicles.

“Reducing the amount of water used will not only help provide an adequate supply of water, it could also reduce your water bill,” Knauf said.

“The city and contractor appreciate your patience as we work diligently to rehabilitate the water wells as quickly as possible,” he said.

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