‘Neat, clean sign gives wrong impression here’

Dear editor,

I took a drive on a Sunday afternoon and wound up south of town. There, near the intersection of US 77 and FM 908, I saw a beautiful “Rockdale” sign.

The sign is so neat and clean that it gives the passerby the impression that Rockdale is also neat and clean.

A passerby would be shocked if they made the turn and traveled into Rockdale on streets that are torn up and full of holes big enough to get lost in.

They would be appalled as they passed the cemeteries and saw all the dead trees just waiting to fall and destroy tombstones that are well over 100 years old.

If they made their way to certain sections of town they would be astounded at the sight of dilapidated houses with yards filled with trash.

They might soon realize that a good deal of the trash problems are on city property, the 10 feet of land from the curb to the property owner’s yard.

If the passerby continued on, they would eventually find streets that are no more than dirt cow trails that in some places are almost impassible.

As the passerby travels around town they would realize that in order to make a living they would most likely have to commute to another town.

On the up side, they would see that they could rent or buy almost any kind of house since each block in the city has four or five houses for sale or rent.

I quest ion t he va lid it y of spending no telling how much money on a sign that gives a false impression.

Would it not be better to apply the money to improve the city and then, when all the improvements are made, then look at the possibility of erecting a sign.

I have repeatedly heard about the city council making an ordinance about when a home owner can or cannot have their trash can at the curb.

It seems to me they have more problems to address than this.

Why entice people to come into Rockdale and let them see all the problems we face?

Mary Young

412 Douthit


Editor’s note: The city does not own 10 feet of property from the curb. Most property contains utility easements which grant access for meter reading and maintenance but that property is still privately owned.

Thanks to city for new recyling center offering

Dear editor,

We enjoy your paper. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for letting us know about Rockdale’s new recycling center.

For years we have driven our recycle items, with items of our neighbors, to the Bryan center.

They are wonderful also, even though you are so close.

We called City Hall with a big “thank you.”

We hope everyone will pitch in to follow the rules and keep this an easy, close-to-home way to avoid the landfill mountains.

We can all reduce, reuse and recycle.

In appreciation.

Molly and Ray Berger

PO Box 455

Gause, TX. 77857

Band thanks businesses for support of 2012 trip

Dear editor,

The Rockdale High School “Big Blue Band” would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of the band’s planned 2012 Disney World Band Trip:

USA Car Wash, Pizza Hut, Rockdale Ford, Pruett Insurance, Medicine Chest, Bland Construction, Rockdale Signs, Taqueria Bandas, Love’s Flowers.

Adrian Acevedo,

Rockd a le ISD Direc tor of Bands

Laughlin helping RES with bikes for math facts

Dear editor,

My name is Morgan Laughlin and I am helping Rockdale Elementary raise funds to purchase bicycles for their math fact race competition.

Every year PK through 2nd grade competes in a math fact race. For 30 weeks the kids learn and practice all of their addition and subtraction facts and have a test on Friday’s. All students that make a perfect score on the test on Friday have their names put in a drawing for a bicycle at the end of the school year. I am helping so that they can purchase 8 bicycles (1 for each a boy and a girl in Pk-2nd grade).

If you would like to donate to help purchase the bicycles for these students, please contact me at 512-446-2050 or 512-921- 1382.

The kids get so excited every year when they have worked hard and win a bicycle!

Thank you so much for your help!

Morgan Laughlin

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