Sheriff’s race most costly

If you’ve driven down virtually any road in Milam County this year it will come as no surprise to learn the three-candidate race for sheriff in the Republican Primary has provided the lion’s share of spending this political year.

A nother campaign finance reporting period passed April 30 and candidates with $500 or more in contributions or expenditures were required to submit forms.

There was previously a reporting period ending Jan. 15. It was the subject of a Reporter article on Jan. 26.

SHERIFF—Since the campaign began, incumbent David Greene reported contributions of $24,400 and expenditures of $27,151.

Between Jan. 15 and April 30 he reported the following new contributions:

$750—Kinder Chambers.

$500 to $749—Scott’s Body Shop, Tommy Standard.

$100 to $499—Gordon Todd, Bill Graham, Jack and Lorraine Drake, Ranspot Flying Services, Kerry Starnes, Jim Curry, Ernie and Marilyn Cates, Dan Smith, Opie Watkins, Curtis Younts, Tom and Jan Reed, Johnny and Sue Mann, Republican Party Voter Vault.

One contribution of less than $100 was logged.

Since the campaign began, Greg Kouba has reported contributions of $10,658 and expenditures of 5,044.

Between Jan. 15 and April 30 he reported new contributions including:

$500—Wayne McLerran.

$100 to $499—Leroy Behringer, Kenneth Biehle, Chip and Janice Dunsmoor, Richard and Jane Glaser, Pat and Judy Guffey, Ed Hill, Elizabeth Hewitt, Dr. Gerald and Nancy Kilgore, Bill Luckey Jr., Albert and Marguerite Michalka, E. J. and Joyce Provasek, Nick and Bettie Roberts, Charles and Rose Starr, Curtis Unnasch.

Kouba also listed 32 contributions of under $100.

Candidate Herbie Vaughan continued to list $4,586 in contributions and $3,606 in expenditures.

JUDICIAL RACE—The race for 20th District Judge was second in financial activity. (Judicial candidates file with the Texas Ethics Commission statewide.)

Democrat Norman Lanford listed contributions of $665 and expenditures of $1,500.

Democrat Hollis C. Lewis Jr., listed contributions of $1,000 and expenditures of $6,630.

Incumbent Republican John Youngblood listed contributions of $2,450 and expenditures of $659.65.

OTHERS—Other candidates who filed reports have listed the following totals:

Linda Acosta (D), Treasurer— Contributions, zero; expenditures, $1,467.

Chuck (Tank) Balch (R), Precinct 1 commissioner—Contributions, zero; expenditures, $1,392.

Julie Biar (R), Treasurer—Contributions, zero; expenditures, $1,042.

Donna Orsag (R), Treasurer— Contributions, zero; expenditures, $2,360.

Randy Rodriguez (R), Precinct 1 constable—Contributions, $1,295; expenditures, $1,753.

Kenny Schneebeli (R), Precinct 2 constable—Contributions, $175; expenditures, $88.

Giles Summerlin (D), Precinct 4 constable— Cont r ibut ions, $150; expenditures, $150.

George Tomek (R), Precinct 1 commissioner—Contributions, $350; expenditures, $284.

Bill Torrey (R), County/district attorney—Contributions, $500; expenditures, $1,330.

Charlie West (R), Precinct 2 constable—Contributions, $265; expenditures, $463.

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