They want to give you a debit card, and use it!

Someone claiming to be “Kate Akuna” is concerned about the data missing from your ATM debit card account.

The e-mail greets its readers with the generic opening of “Attention Beneficiary”. This term fits all, so no matter who the reader is.

The message starts with thanking the recipient for e-mailing the ATM debit company. The company does not need all your personal data. Just send your name, address, city and country.

Surely the reader would think it strange to exclude the name of the state from this list. There are many cities with the same names in many states.

But the e-mail does not ask for the name of the state where the prospective victim resides.

Once the data is received, Fed Ex will issue the ATM Debit Card. When the card arrives you may withdraw a maximum of $5,000 per day.

The amount supposedly placed into your account is not disclosed. It would seem that you could withdraw the maximum amount until the funds are depleted.

The offer supposedly originates from Banque Atlantique Abidjan RCI which is located in the African country of Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The bank’s ATM department contact person is Philippe Dika, but no instructions for reaching him are given.

How this connection is to be made is vague and lacks detail. No telephone numbers, no e-mail addresses, or mailing addresses are listed.

Do you think this information was omitted because the con artist knew deep within themselves the chances for someone in the United States of America making contact, are slim to none?

So, why are people still receiving these offers? Maybe it is the anticipation that drives these crooks to spend hours waiting for someone to take the bait.

Greedy people, wanting to respond to this “free money”, will find this money very expensive, I am sure.

Your ATM debit card in the hands of a con artist is tested by making small purchases. A successful purchase tells the crook that the card has not been reported as lost or stolen.

Now these criminals go for the big buys. It doesn’t take long to wipe out your nest egg, plus.

It is important for you to review activities on credit cards and scrutinize each charge. As quickly as possible notify the bank of any unauthorized charges.

Equally important is to carefully inspect each bank statement for withdrawals. The debit card or check card works differently than the credit card.

The company issuing the credit card sends a monthly bill to their customers, but, the debit/check card withdraws the amount of purchase directly from checking account.

Immediate action required to protect your funds is necessary. Close out your checking account at the bank and open a new one. Also visit with the bank officials regarding any direct deposit coming to your account.

This may need to be changed as well. When and if your card is lost or stolen, your bank will help you by advising you as to your options.

Listen to them. It is in the bank’s best interest to resolve these problems as quickly as possible.

Be smart, stay alert, and use common sense.

Milam County TRIAD w ill keep you informed and furnish a telephone, if you need to contact someone.

MCT will provide senior citizens 911 emergency telephones complete with charger, if a Milam County resident 55 years of age or older needs one.

Refrigerator cards made be picked up at a police station or Sheriff David Greene’s office.

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