Student drug testing policy

During their April meeting, Rockdale ISD board trustees approved a drug testing policy for students in grades 6-12 that participate in extra and co-curricular activities and for students that drive to school.

The district is very concerned with the number of students that use illegal drugs and would like to help prevent student drug abuse. RISD decided to implement this policy after reviewing the evidence of drug use from pr ior years and t he cur rent school year. We understand that the use of illegal drugs by students is not new and has been tak ing place for years. Adopting a drug testing policy is one of the district’s methods of preventing the use of drugs.

The law will not allow schools to test every student because at tending public school is a right. Participating in extra curricular activities and driving to school are privileges. Students that participate in these activities can be subjected to testing.

RISD desires to provide safe and dr ug f ree schools. The district also recognizes that students who use illegal drugs pose a ser ious threat to the health and safety of themselves and others.

Students that participate in extra curricular activities or drive to school must provide written consent from their parents. Upon participation eligible students will be subjected to an unannounced randomly selected (selection by the testing company) urinalysis eight t imes per school year. The testing company will use the Department of Transportation specifications and protocol.

Test results will remain confi- dential and parents will be contacted if a positive test occurs. Students that test positive the first time w ill be suspended from driving to school or participating in their extra curricular activity for 15 days. They will be required to participate and complete a drug counseling program.

If a student tests positive a second time the suspension is for 60 days, a third positive test results in a suspension for one calendar year, and a fourth positive test results in a ban from driving to school or participating in extra curricular activities for the remainder of the students experience in RISD.

A positive result from a drug test will not be turned over to local authorities or will not be subjected to the rules in the Student Code of Conduct. The testing policy is not an “I gothcha” policy, it is an attempt to prevent illegal drug use and to help students that are abusing drugs.

The distr ict w ill cont inue to use drug sniffing dogs as a preventative measure. When the school year begins a Student Drug Testing Handbook will be available for parent and student review. It is our goal to not have any student test positive next year for the use of illegal drugs; that will indicate that the district’s policy has helped prevent someone from using illegal drugs.

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