Pedestrians should get crosswalk right-of-way

Dear editor,

Is it just me or have others had this experience? I always thought when someone was walking into or out of a store or crossing a crosswalk, the pedestrian had the right of way?

Yet, here for a while I have noticed when entering the crosswalk at certain stores in Rockdale, it doesn’t matter if a person is entering or coming out of the store, it’s pedestrian,

I have seen others, including myself, entering or coming out of a store that had to pull up short and stop or be run over. I mean some people in cars or trucks will not stop for anyone in a cross walk.

Matter of fact, some will speed up and I have even had some blow their horn at me.

I think about some of the elderly or some on scooters who have to cross these crosswalks, and I say a prayer in my heart for their protection.

It used to not be like this, but to me, it seems like, and I know it’s true, the evil in the land gets worse everyday. It is getting to where there is very little respect for others left.

One thing I have noticed while shopping at the H-E-B stores in Taylor, Temple, etc., they have very good speed bumps and this does help tremendously for those who are on foot going into the store or coming out of the store.

People who just don’t care for the safety of others don’t have a choice, they have to slow down. I hate to say this, yet I know in my heart if something is not done at the stores in Rockdale, sooner or later a pedestrian is going to be hit by a car or truck.

Who will be liable? The store, the driver, or both?

Until something is done, please listen to me, be very careful when crossing these crosswalks.

I know I’m not the only one who has seen this problem.

Stay safe.

Billy Strelsky

890 CR 309


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