Forget our stockholders, let’s give it away

High Technology Computer (HTC) company is based in Taiwan and manufactures the HTC Smartphones, so you might expect some con artists would devise a scheme about this company.

This scam is impressive by the number of eligible contestants entered into the promotion. “HTC” is giving away $3.5 million.

You don’t have to enter the contest to win. The lucky winner may be entered without their consent or knowledge.

The scam e-mail explains ‘how it works.” A computer balloting system randomly selects the name from one of 65,000 company e-mail addresses or from 40,000 individuals addressed. That is not all.

There is more, if you can believe this. These countries and individuals were selected from all inhabited continents.

The grand sur pr ise is t he announcement that your e-mail won. The problem here is that they have your e-mail address, but they do not know your name, telephone number, bank number, occupation, or gender.

There is undisputable proof that these crooks do have your e-mail address Otherwise you would not have received the message. It sounds too good to be true, does it not?

You are directed to send your personal data to “Lewis Lohan.” An e-mail address is provided. You are told that payment will arrive immediately after the claims officer checks the winning number.

It sounds as if thousands of people have been issued this number. The best way to connect the winning number with the winning person is to place that responsibility on your shoulders

Is it sound business to distribute $3.5 million dollars among the stockholders or send it to some unknown person in a foreign country?

Stop, just a minute. Use common sense, then act by trashing this attempt to have you respond to a scam.

Are you thinking no one would fall for this scam? Yet good, hard working people willingly write checks this criminal element with the dream of financial security for the rest of their lives. It is sad but true. The TRIAD concept started in 1988 when The National Sheriffs Association (NSA), The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) met to discuss the need to better protect the elder population as they age.

The older we get the more vulnerable we become.

We are our brothers keeper. Society has an obligation to inform and protect its senior citizens.

The measure of a society is calculated by the manner it treats its youth and elderly. The USA values the rights and privileges of the individual.

Each person is important. All have a part to play and all should do their fair share.

One thing we can do is spread the word about scams. Educate family, friends and even strangers about ways unscrupulous people vow to victimize the old folks.

Let’s work together to keep Milam County as scam free as possible.

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