Annua l count y crop tour se t Ju ne 7

Texas AgriLife Extens ion Ser vice Milam County will hold our an nual Crops Tou r on Thurs day, June 7. The tou r will visit plots and dis cus s current is sue s relat ed to row crop product io n in the count y. Cos t wil l be $10 per person attendin g. Reg istration will be gin at 8: 45 a. m. out side the Buckholts Com mun ity Cen - ter and will de pa rt for the tou r from the re.

There will be th ree hours (1 hr L& R, 1 hr IPM, 1 hr Gen) of CEUs offe red for TDA Pest ici de Applicator Lic ense Holder s. We also ask th at ind ividuals interes ted please call our of fice to let us know you are plan nin g to at tend the tou r. For more inform at ion or to pre- register for the pr og ram contact the Milam County Off ice 254- 697- 7045.

Education al programs of the Tex as AgriL ife Extensio n Service are open to all people without re gard to rac e, color, se x, dis abilit y, re ligion, age or nation al origin. The Texa s A& M University System, U. S. De pa rtment of Agricu lt ure , and the County Commissioners Cou rts of Tex as Coope rat ing.

ST IL ES FA RM FIEL D DAY— The 49th an nu al St il es Farm Fo undation Field Da y will be held on Ju ne 19 at the St iles Farm in Thra ll. Regist rat ion will begin at Stiles Farm headqua rte rs and costs $10. Th e tou rs will begin at 8:30 a. m.

At the conclusion of the tou rs, the re will be a sponsore d me al and pres entation. Ther e is a tra de sho w in conjunct ion with the field day. Follow ing lun ch, there will be equipment demon stration s and addit iona l plot s available for re view.

For more information , contac t th e Milam Cou nt y of fice, 254 -697 -70 45.

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