‘Great Rockdale stinkout’ was on graduation night

Dear editor,

I called the Police Department Friday night while at Brookshire Brothers.

We had just left our place and noticed a foul odor. It was even stronger at the grocery store.

I asked Trina who was answering the phone at the Rockdale Police Department, “Do you know what stinks about Rockdale?”

She laughed. When she composed herself she said, “No I don’t.”

I let her know about the smell and that it smelled like sewage. She told me at first she wondered if it wasn’t a prank call.

Immediately Rockdale Police were visably out and about trying to get to the bottom of the stench.

Meanwhile it was graduation night in Rockdale. I went for a drive past the school bleachers filled with spectators for the glorious event.

I made a sniff test while there and quickly closed the window as it was more of that foul odor. My heart went out to all those attending the stinky affair. By the time I got home (just around the corner) my phone rang and it was Trina.

She wanted to let me know that somebody had decided to fertilize their pasture with chicken or turkey manure.

I felt so bad for the Great Rockdale Stinkout on graduation night and all those who suffered through such a glorious event.

It’s a shame the manured pasture wasn’t better planned so the town wouldn’t suffer outdoors on such a glorious evening.

Congratulations to all those who graduated.

Marianne Hochman

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