Outsiders charged more for cemetery plots

Dear editor,

I read in The Reporter last week about the “visioning” meeting to better the city of Rockdale and laughed to myself. I live outside the city limits and the folks who run Rockdale have made no bones about how they feel about outsiders. Although I have lived outside the city all my life, I still have a Rockdale phone number and a Rockdale address. And we do shop in Rockdale, and we do pay school taxes, etc.

However, if I want to take any garbage to the city dump they charge anyone who lives outside the city limits more than if you live in Rockdale. This is not so bad, but I know of something worse than that.

Not long ago there was an unexpected death in a family. As the wife and her children in their shock and grief tried to make arrangments they got a shock. They wanted to bury him in the IOOF cemetery in Rockdale. When they asked the price for the cemetery plot, they were asked where they lived (they lived outside the city limits).

They were told if you live in the city limits it’s $400; if you live outside the city limits it’s $600. I often wonder who made up this junk about people who live outside the city limits? After praying about it, the Lord led them to a beautiful, shady, quite peaceful spot in the country for a whole lot less.

Now shopping locally: It’s no secret that Rockdale has been one of the highest little towns in Texas for a long time. This was because of Alcoa being here all those years. Well Aloca is gone, but the high prices continue. Ever notice how the gas stations stick together in Rockdale on prices? Just last week, my wife and I went out of town to shop. In Rockdale the gas prices were in the $3.40’s. As soon as we got to the other town, I saw a gas sign which said $3.38 per-gallon.

Since my wife’s health is not the best, I do most of the shopping here in Rockdale. Shopping at one store is an experience. On the list she makes out for me, most of the time the shelf is empty. I have to carry a cell phone and call home several times to get the list done.

I was talking to a guy I used to work with at the plant. He told me he bought a package of socks in Rockdale. About a week later he and his wife were in another town and they shopped at the same retail store and the same socks were almost $2 cheaper per-pack. Of course, we must shop locally. Some will read this with contempt, but I have always heard the truth is welcome in heaven.

Now to the good folks in Rockdale, I truly do feel sorry for you about the red water. This problem should have been taken care of years ago while the city had the funds to do it.

I know a lot of folks will not take advice nowdays. But, if you would, I would tell you this. Each time you have a meeting about helping Rockdale to grow and blossom, start with a prayer. Asking God in the name of His Son Jesus to bless Rockdale. And that blessing has to start with the leaders.

Billy Strelsky 890 CR 309 Rockdale, TX 76567

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