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The Rockdale ISD summer program is supported by the 21st Centur y Grant that was written and received by the school district last year. The grant has enabled the program to grow and involve more students because we have involved more campuses than we have in the past.

The summer camp and year long program has branded itself and become known as iTigers throughout our community.

So far the growth has been exceptional and the program has provided many different opportunities for students. The purpose of the grant is to provide enrichment opportunities for students that allow them to learn many life skills to assist them in the future.

The grant also provides for academic tutorials in smaller group settings. Transportation for eligible riders, breakfast and lunch is provided for participants.

This summer our students are making globes of the world using Google Earth to locate their home and historic landm arks. They are growing a garden and lear ning a lot about Biolog y as they watch and record the growth of their plants.

Some students are participating in a math club where they learn higher level math skills through games of logic.

Others are studying future careers and how these positions work together in a community. The students in the drama club have improved their reading skills and are performing in front of audiences each week. The science club is doing exactly what scientists do; they are experimenting and making things like ice cream and rockets. Eligible high school students have the opportunity to take drivers education through this program.

One of the additions to this year’s program is the spor ts camps. In the past they were run separately and were usually completed in one week and sometimes the camp provided a conflict of choices for students and parents.

This year the sports camps are scheduled as a part of the summer program and they work in harmony with other summer enrichment and tutorial offerings. Students have had or will have the opportunity to learn about volleyball, basketball, footba ll, track, sof tba ll and baseball.

The summer program is an awesome opportunity for Rockdale ISD students to grow as learners and individuals. The program directors, coaches, teachers, food service department, transportation department, principals and the campus and central office staffs have worked together to provide this learning experience for our students.

We are very appreciative of their work and for this grant that enables our students an opportunity they may have never had this summer.

Thank you iTigers and keep up the good work.

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