Green postcard tries to trigger latest scam

A green postcard arrives with exciting news. The claims department is trying to reach you regarding government funding. Your status is “pending”, so act fast the deadline is very soon.

The amount offered is $20.978 and you can verify by phone. The green card found its way to Jack Hubert at the Hair Company in Rockdale.

The card seems to have been printed in mass. The ink varies from bold to faint. The bold print being information done by a printing office while the faint may have been printed using a typewriter.

The data typed in is not lined up uniformly. It is half space above a nd some e ven sla nt upward. You can tell at a glance that the entire card was not printed by a printing company.

The notice reads “urgent.” Con artists use urgency as a tool to promote action without having time to think things out. The information on the card is very difficult to investigate. There is no company name listed nor is there any government agency name given.

No signature on the card, so all you have is a telephone number. The number generates many websites with names, dates, and information from others receiving the green card.

After reading many reports it became clear only the release number differs while the amount among the potential v ictims remains the same ($20,978.)

You are requested to indicate what the funds are being used for? It is not clear, if this would enhance your chances to qualify or eliminate you from consideration completely. You only need to check boxes to say if you would use the money for a debt payoff, business start up, education, travel; home improvement or something else.

Many responded and made comments about their involvement. It may have come from the United Kingdom, one said. The answering machine gave the hint.

Another called for a friend. The lady answering asked for the telephone number where the party could be reached, but when information was sought from the claims department, the party was placed on hold.

Th is ended t he c onver sation because the operator never returned with answers to the questions.

A concern voiced in some of the blogs was how these con artists got the addresses to mail out these cards? A connection could be from public records or if you sign up for some giveaway item. Names and addresses are sold, so maybe your chances of getting a scam offer is greater than your chance of winning a trip, or computer, boat, or automobile.

Times have changed. In today’s world you must protect your identity.

Guard your personal data from others. You never know if you have been targeted for a scam. These criminals are not stupid nor are they lazy.

Jack did the right thing. He ignored the offer but he mailed the card to Milam County TRIAD to write this article so others would know about this scam.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You can help spread the word. You can make a difference by doing your part.

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