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A “million dollar rain” assured a bumper corn crop and Reporter Publisher John Esten Cooke’s lead was “Old Jupiter Pluvius succeeded in loosening up on his water wagon.”

The Hamilton Chapel community was in shock after a six-year-old boy accidentally hung himself with a belt while playing with his four-year-old brother.

Investigators believed an 18- year-old Gause resident lost his life while walking from Cameron to Milano when he became tired, laid down on the railroad tracks to rest and was run over by a train.

Thorndale called for a $ 200,000 bond election to improve roads in the area, a move backers of the new “good roads” movement applauded as the first of many efforts to install new roadways.


Ida Jo Marshall, Rockdale ISD librarian, retired after a 52-year career in education.

A 12.5-cent hourly pay increase was a major provision of the new three-year labor contract between Alcoa and United Steelworkers of America.

Newest curriculum offering at Rockdale High School for 1972- 73 was “building trades,” with student learning facets of home construction.

Three persons paid fines of $27.50 each after they were caught fishing in the “hot” portion of Alcoa Lake.


Shell Oil Company announced it was selling its 25,000 acres of lignite holdings in Milam County. The lignite had once been targeted as the fuel for the proposed Texland power plant near Rockdale.

Milam County commissioner accepted a revised audit, reflecting a drop of more than $1 million in the county’s fund balance between Jan. 1, 1988, and Dec. 31, 1990.

A public hearing in the Cameron VFW Hall to gauge public opinion on the proposed “bullet train” plan that included Milam County drew 150 persons who voiced almost unanimous opposition to the plan.

A Sharp rancher checking on a nest of redwing blackbirds encountered a four-foot-long alligator. That gator was trapped and relocated at a wildlife preserve near Bryan.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed relaxing air pollution control standards, making it easier for utilities to upgrade and expand coal-fired power plants.

Rockdale received a muchneeded 1.46-inch rainfall but still had gotten less than 10 inches for the year.

Aycock High School alumni observed the former institution’s 100th birthday with a weekend of gatherings and programs.

Rockdale ISD trustees were to gather for a public session to hear results from six strategic planning “innovative research teams.”

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