Deed Without Warranty

Calvin Cobb Family Trust and Bonnie Cobb Family Trust to Bonnie and Calvin Cobb Investments Ltd. (v. 1,174, p. 447).

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Cheyenne Cole Lindgren and Heather Lindgren to Secure Covenant Interests Ltd. – 22 acres, Tract 2 (v. 1,174, p. 443).

Warranty Deeds

Lisa H. Malone, Heather L. Malone and Laura E. Johnson to Lorna A. Malone and Robert L. Malone – three tracts, Lester Addition, Cameron (v. 1,174, p. 168).

Anakaren Gonzalez Narro to Billy Light and Nora Light – Tract 2, W.H. Scott Addition (v. 1,174, p. 417).

Earnest E. Green and Jeni Green to Charles Randall Patranella – 1.029 acres, William Pharrass (v. 1,174, p. 464).

Edward Keith Fleshman to Basil Fleshman and Celmira Fleshman – half interest in a lot, Daniel Monroe Survey 38, Cameron (v. 1,174, p. 562).

David Keith Travis and Jennifer Travis to Juan Escalante and Maria Escalante – Lots 27-36, Block F, Milam Oaks Addition, Hickory Street, Rockdale (v. 1,174, p. 565).

Casey Callahan to Billy Carlson and Connie Carlson – Lot 5, Block 1, Wuensche Estates, Thorndale (v. 1,174, p. 606).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Robert R. Fitzpatrick and Sally A. Fitzpatrick to Harold Lee Parsley III – T. J. Chambers Survey A-7 (v. 1,174, p. 388).

Lakeview United Methodist Church and Arc of Caddo- Bossier, Citizens National Bank ska Citizens National Bank of Milam County, trustee, to Jason Allen Hamilton and Melissa Lynn Hamilton – William F. Nelson Survey A-285 (v. 1,174, p. 400).

Glenn Emanuel Fisher Estate and Sandra L. Fischer, individually and as independent administratrix, to Ryan Miller (v. 1,174, p. 517).

Special Warranty Deeds

Don Lynn Mundine, attorney-in-fact, et al to Alcoa Inc. – 1.61 acres, Julius Barker (v. 1,174, p. 474).

Alcoa Inc. to Don Lynn Mundine et al – 2.604 acres, James H. Smith Survey (v. 1,174, p. 481).

Special Warranty Deed

With Vendor’s Lien

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association and Hughes Watters Arkanase LLP, attorney- in-fact, to M.D. Elliott – Terral Heights Addition, Cameron (v. 1,174, p. 272).

Cash Warranty Deed

Rober t Blake and Tamara Blake to Michelle Peterson – Pearce Estates (v. 1,174, p. 229).

Warranty Deed Gift

Rober t Smoots and Georgia Smoots to Vernell Moore Sr. – A.W. Sullivan 1/3 League (v. 1,174, p. 349).

Substitute Trustee Deed

Emily Nor thern, substitute trustee, Joshua Davis and Dameshia Davis to Green Tree Servicing LLC – 0.8 acres, P. Medina Survey (v. 1,174, p. 492).

Mineral Deeds

Ellen Burgess to Seven F. Farms Inc. – Chambers Two-League Grant (v. 1,174, p. 226).

Harold Wayne Graves to John Randall Graves – J. Dunlap Survey A-14 (v. 1,174, p. 285).

Henry Lee Caldwell aka Lee Caldwell to CMC/Comanche Co. LP – 99.4 acres, A. Frazier Survey (v. 1,174, p. 489).

Ferrol O. Angell et al to Stanley N. Fisher and Rebecca A. Fisher (v. 1,174, p. 557).

Partition Deeds

A gnes Camp Estate et al to A gnes Camp Estate – two tracts, Jose Antonio DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,174, p. 371).

Agnes Camp Estate et al to Ron Gelner – Tract 2, Jose Antonio DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,174, p. 378).

Cemetery Deed

City of Cameron to Elmorine Jones – Lot 22, Row 1, Section 6, Oak Hill Cemetery (v. 1,174, p. 143).

Gift Deeds

Mozelle W. Williams to John R. Williams – David Houston Survey A-185 (v. 1,174, p. 299).

Old Town Cameron, John Johnson Inc. and John M. Johnson to Milam County, a political subdivision (v. 1,174, p. 460).

Owelty Deeds

Lennice McAdams et al to Shawn Hubnik and Tammy Hubnik – 223.95 acres, Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,174, p. 589).

Shawn Hubnik and Tammy Hubnik to Classic Bank National Association (v. 1,174, p. 596).

Oil and Gas Lease Brady Dean Nelson Jr. and Sherri Nelson to William C. Raymond (v. 1,174, p. 502).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Lori L. McVoy to Omni Rockdale Resources Inc. – T.J. Chambers Survey (v. 1,174, p. 177).

Jennifer Marie Sims to XTO Energy Inc. – John Williams Survey A-384 (v. 1,174, p. 419).

John A. Smith and Kay Day Smith to XTO Energy Inc. – John Williams Survey A-384 (v. 1,174, p. 424).

Probate Cases Filed

Michael R. Johns applied for the Fred T. Johns Estate – letters testamentar y (PR10864).


Civil Cases Filed

Equable Ascent Financial FK A Hilco Receivables LLC vs. Doris Taylor – consumer/ commercial debt.

Equable Ascent Financial FK A Hilco Receivables LLC vs. Deana M. Polson – consumer/commercial debt.

Troy Capital LLC vs. Thelma B. Oliver et al – consumer/commercial debt.

Equable Ascent F inancial et al vs. Leslie Edwards – consumer/commercial debt.

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